Monday, April 20, 2009

Back in the Day.

College is the best time of your life. When else are your parents going to spend several thousand dollars a year just for you to go to a strange town and get drunk every night?
David Wood


As I've read in other blogs Monday's are usually used to recap the weekend. Who really wants to actually blog on the weekend.

This weekend was filled with a ton of adventure and excitement. Dodgeball, Football, Bike Polo, Cavs Basketball and drinking. But none more than visiting my college stomping ground on a Sunday evening. Two of my friends (both from Miami of Ohio) and I went back to Kent State University to catch the Flight of the Concords show at the MAC Center. Last time I was in that building was for graduation.

Once we got close to campus I took my friends on a quick mini tour of my college life. Old apartment on University (lawn was covered in garbage and a couch was hanging off the front stoop, standard). My old dorm room (Terrace Hall, which is now a parking lot, sad face). The Taco Bell/Long John Silvers (only the taco bell existed when i was there).

Then off to one of my favorites, Euro Gyro! It was the most delicious meal ever. And for a gyro, fried mushrooms and Dortmunder it was $9.50 (the beer was more than my gyro). God I miss college prices...

After a very filling meal and sending some PIX to some out of state college friends we headed over to Mugs. And I must say that the bars in Kent have picked it up a notch. Since the no smoking ban almost every bar has an outdoor patio, or multi-level decks...if only I were still in college. I got a pitcher of Coors light (we had to compromise, I'm a miller girl, they're bud lights) $6 which gave us about two glasses each...Score!

After all the reminiscing of house parties, debauchery and picking up college co-eds we went over the the MAC. The show was awesome and the crowd was hilarious! But not very many college students...the crowd was more closer to my age (sigh).

With all the awesome songs from last night I'm in the mood to talk music. This was one of my favorite college songs along with this one.
But if I had to pick one for now...or if I was still in college, this would be my new go-to song.

So, what are some of your more memorable songs? The stories behind them?

*PS as I get more accustomed to blogging expect more pictures, videos and links for me to tell my stories.

**Update: i just found out Asher is playing Lollapooza!**
Are any of you planning on going?


  1. I hear one of the downtown storefronts is a big tatoo shop now. My, how things have changed. I've only been back once since graduation (for the VCD portfolio show last year). I got to see the terrace parking lot! Hahaa.

  2. Are you coming to Chicago for Lolla? I'll be there with my $60 three day pass!