Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Casting Call...

Fans don't boo nobodies.
- Reggie Jackson


So it's been a while and I apologize to the few people that follow my blog. Something happened to me that has never happened before...sort of...

...I broke my left
Actually i fractured my fifth metacarpal (aka the pinky finger bone in my hand, lame visual but you get the idea). Anyways, it happened over a week ago while playing football (at least we won). But i didn't see a doctor till last Wednesday...This is where i shoot myself...I find out i have to get a cast...barf.

I laughed in Mr. Doctors face because at that exact moment my friend/co-worker (who sits 10 feet from me) was in surgery getting 14 pins and plates in her right arm. Obvi way more serious then my tiny little fracture.

I knew as soon as I went back to work all the jokes would start about how I wanted to one-up her, or how between the two of us equaled a full designer, yadda, yadda, yadda. And i was right.

Back at the clinic, (i picked Cleveland clinic sports health cause they're pretty good and it was a sports related injury) Mr. Doctor told me that since it was a clean fracture it should only take 3 weeks to heal, plus some good ol' occupational therapy. Double barf!

So in the mean time i have to type, shower, make/eat lunch, WORK, drive, everything with one hand + 3 fingers. However, i feel super popular with all the signatures i got on my neon pink cast. did i mention it was my first cast...ever.

Another positive, i've had some funny conversations...
Guy in line at Dave's: "man, how'd you hurt it?"
Me: "playing football"
Guy: "oh man, i mean oh man...it looks really bad"
Me: **shrug**
Guy: "you know I'm not even gonna ask"
Me: (thinking: dumbass, you already asked)

But the funniest convo i've had, multip
le times:
Random: "are you left handed?"
Me: "Nope, right"
Random: "at least it's not your designing hand"
Me: "i design with my head, my hands are just tools"

I guess when i type out that story it's not as funny. Which you'll come to realize i am a bad teller.

So since
this post has taken me most of my lunch hour and some after work time i'm gonna go.
but before i do...What bones have you broken? Funny stories? Good RX drugs for your pain?

PS. i didn't get any drugs, triple barf.
PSS. would anyone like to sign up to be my assistant? or maybe if i fad a monkey follow me around...i'll pay with my grandma's crepe's and cookies!


  1. Pay me in alcohol and we'll talk.

    I was on dilaudid*sp? for my tooth. Holy hell, I didn't care about anything.

  2. You painted the thumbnail, though-class all the way.

  3. Oh, and Katie-you did spell it right. Dilaudid is the Katie of opioids-it can kick all the other pills' asses and still drink you under the table.

  4. The better question to ask me is what bones haven't I broken? That list is much shorter!

    Did you get the arm condom thing so that you can shower with your cast?

  5. OC: what bones haven't you broken? how'd you do it?

    no i didn't get the arm condom...i'm recycling newspaper bags.

  6. Ooh you should have gotten the arm condom! I've broken arm bones, leg bones, ribs, collarbone, orbital bone (the bone underneath your eye socket), my pallet (in my mouth), fingers, toes... I tore ligaments in my knee and had surgery... so what's left? Yikes...

    PS - my blog is private, but send me your email address (onlyconnect32@gmail.com) and I'll add you!