Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Very Superstitious

The root of all superstition is that men observe when a thing hits, but not when it misses.
– Sr. Francis Bacon


There are so many things i want to blog about today. Has that ever happened to you? However, i'm going to focus on one topic. It'll be short. i hope.

Cleveland Cavaliers.
C'mon. Really?
I'm a die hard Cleveland fan...although ask me about statistics or names of past players...who am i kidding even some current clue. but i'm still a fan. i cheer, i drink, i cry.

I'm also very superstitious, for example...

Game One of ECF: started off at Barley House we were winning at the half. Went over to Clevelander, we blew a twentysomepoint lead.
Game Two: Stayed the whole time at Barley House LeBron hits "the shot". my friends will not let me live down the fact that i had tears swelling up in my much i almost couldn't see that most beautiful shot.
Game Three: Blind Pig for a going away party = fail
Game Four: I was in Akron for my little sisters high school graduation. my brother had his smart phone and was checking the score every 3 seconds while we were waiting for our food at Olive Garden (ps. they don't have a TV). As soon as dinner was over and we all said our goodbyes and congratulations i jumped in my car to listen to the radio. I got all the way home with 2 minutes in regulation. I don't have TV so i laid on my couch listening to my radio. Tears would form and i'd wipe them away.

I even had that fairytale moment when a tear would hit my pillow and then Joe Tait would scream "CAVS WIN, CAVS WIN!!!!!".

But alas, I'm laying there with my eyes closed to hear we go into over time. All that salad, bread sticks and seafood Alfredo are making me nauseous...As i lay there waiting for overtime to start the worst thing happens...

I fall asleep.

I missed it. I woke up around 1am not knowing the final score, my Internet wasn't working and i have no TV to check so i decided i'd go to bed and pray that we won. That one of my tears will make a fairytale come true.

i wanted a win so bad that i had a dream that i was with my dad and he said "wasn't that amazing? I can't believe we won" (i think we were on Obama's boat) wishful thinking.

What i'm so sad about is that Cleveland has been through this sooo many crappy times. We're so used to it. This negative energy. Even in game one, while I was at the Clevelander, i could see the fans on TV...they looked as if we had already lost. The Cavs need us. Just like we brought to Detroit. they need us. Now more than ever.

Since i don't follow statistics i don't know how accurate this is...but i know its near impossible to come back from 3-1 loss. But if any team can do it, its our Cleveland Cavs.

I'll be at the game tomorrow decked out in almost every single article of Cavs clothing i own. I'm hoping that me being there brings the luck that I so desperately want for this city. And if they're loosing at half time, i'll be making my way over to Barley House.

What are some crazy things you've done because of your superstitions?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Choo Choo...

Come on ride the train it's the choo choo train
Come on ride the train it's the choo choo
– Quad City DJ's


Just thought i would double-up today...
after have a rough yesterday and early morning afternoon has done a 180!

so i thought i would share.

first, i'll admit on the blogosphere, i'm bad at math. really bad.
so bad that i've bounced more than one check in my life.
well this time my bad math was in my favor.
i checked of some wrong bills in my check register and when i realized this, i ended up with $50 more in my account! Choo Choo!

then went home for lunch to hang out with Bagley. he didn't get into any trouble and we went for a nice walk...i mean 80 degrees outside! Choo Choo!

After our awesome walk i rode my bike back to work. i ended up wearing my bathing suit top and a tube top cause its so f-ing gorgeous out! (don't worry, i brought work appropriate clothes to change into)

so now its the end of the day and i'm heading out to watch some bike polo (ie. have a beer and be in the sun) then ride off to bike night at Now Thats Class for a free beer.

hopefully tomorrow with be a good one. Pick-up volleyball at Whiskey Island around 3:30 (yeah, my office closes at 3 tomorrow)

have a great rest of your day!


No one said it would be easy.
LeBron James


I'm in a bad mood. Not an ordinary i'll get over it in a few hours bad mood, but one that's been lingering since yesterday around 8pm. (yes, even before the Cavs lost).

Usually a good night sleep fixes my bad moods, that or a few beers.
But neither helped.

Yesterday evening started off right. I rode my bike to work and to volleyball. My dad took me to dinner and stayed to watch me play volleyball...that's when it stared to go down hill...
  • we lost volleyball 1-2, and the other team was down a player...Grumble.
  • i got home to find my loving dog felt like finding my x-rays and doctors notes from my fractured hand and having a snack with them...Grumble.
  • i find out that i'm getting hit harder with this stupid recession than i thought and i realize i can't afford to have a lot of fun this weekend...Grumble.
  • i have a brief convo with a rival kickball team about how they're the champions two sessions in a row and they point out I'm in a bad mood...Grumble.
  • The Cavs lose...Grumble.
  • On my ride home from downtown some black Cadillac POS with rims decides to park his car in the bike lane on the Lorain bridge. i swear and flick him off cause i almost rear ended him (on my bike)...Grumble.
  • i wake up this morning to find out its only Thursday...Grumble.
  • i go to the pop machine to get a juice for breakfast and its out...Grumble.
I know the things that put me in a bad mood are petty, but pile them all up and with a hard loss from the Cavs, you'd be in a bad mood too. Hopefully this bad mood doesn't last much longer...i do have some things to look forward to...what you ask?
  • My little sis is graduating from high school on Tuesday.
  • I get to work on this cool video for a client that will resemble Monty Python-ness animation.
  • my co-workers and i are going to the tribe game next Friday.
  • next Saturday i'll be at Nelsons Ledges for a Badfish concert.
  • in about 3 weeks i get to see my Florida bestest and go to a wedding with her!
  • and in 4 weeks from tomorrow i'll be landing in Chicago for a weekend of Cubs/Tribe baseball with PB&J and the rest of Cleveland!
So until this mood swing passes it might be best to stay out of my way...
What has put you in a bad mood? How long has it lasted?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Guess Who's Back?

Guess who's back, Back again, Shady's back, Tell a friend.
– Eminem


Two fully functioning hands! I feel like i can type at record speeds.

I really wanted my returning post to blow everyone out of the water, but i can't think of a good topic.
so i'll tell you about a little conversation i over heard at the doctors while i was waiting to get my cast off.

I ended up taking the Healthline cause parking at the clinic is like $12. Riding the Healthline is $4 for a two way pass! Not stimulating the economy + being eco-friendly = score!

Anyways, i got my cast removed at 8AM. If you've never had a cast its the most bizzare thing to happen. it's this little vibrating saw-thing and it really tickles. Next stop...sink.

i had like a trillion dead skin sells to wash down the drain (gross i know). Then i compared my tiny hand to my normal hand. Actually it was more so my wrist that was reduced in size along with a noticable tan line. I then went to get my x-rays as i'm waiting for them to develop this was when the convo took place...

There was a man sitting next to a female. I couldn't figure out if there were together. It was pretty crowded and seating was limited. Neither of them seemed to be in any pain or getting x-rays. She was mostly flipping through a magazine and acknowledging him when it mattered. it went something like this...

Man: i can't believe i set 4 alarms last night and i still couldn't get up in time to be here. i mean i set my alarm clock, my other alarm clock across the room, my phone alarm clock and my t.v. alarm clock. Oh yeah, i can set my tv to turn on and it usually wakes me up. but i slept through all of them.

he goes on and on about how many he set and how he couldn't get up. i just rolled my eyes and started thinking. I have one alarm clock...i mean yeah so i hit snooze, sometimes up to 6 times, but who doesn't. it's usually days where i don't have anything super important going on. but this guy had to get to the hospital, or get x-rays...there is an understanding of being late, but having to set 4 alarm clocks to make sure you get up. ridiculous.

i think something is seriously wrong with a person.

i mean, i almost couldn't sleep the night before, i was so excited to get my cast off and have two hands again. i mean if its an important day i tend to make sure i'm up...for example, days like: reviews at work, christmas morning, a wedding, getting to the doctor to find out what's wrong with you.

maybe i'm being to judgemental, maybe he was there to find out why he can't get up in the morning, or maybe he has a weird work shift and an AM rise and shine just doesn't work for him...but 4 alarm clocks really??? in my opinion (and please feel free to disagree) non-productive people have multiple alarms (which is different from a snooze). if i just float by everyday without any goals i would spend all my time in bed too (if my bed was more comfortable).

please note that i was there at 8am. he could've been there earlier than me, but i didn't notice him. Also, i'll admit that on important race days i would set two alarms, or i'll make a friend call to make sure i'm up. I'm sure PB&J would've like 4 alarm clocks after her 25th birthday bash last year...leaving her to miss a fun ski trip to Holiday Valley.

With that i ask, how many alarm clocks do you use to get up? or how many times do you usually snooze?

PS. Cavs = 2 Sweeps. On to the Conference Finals! Choo Choo!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh Mother Where Art Thou

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.
– Sophia Loren


Happy Mothers Day!

I know i said I wasn't going to post anything till Thursday...but it's Mothers Day and I want give a shout out to two important ladies in my life. Mom and A., both who are amazing, outstanding & loving women.

The inspiration for this post wasn't entirely based on the fact that today is mothers was what I saw in my office parking lot on Friday.

I pulled into the lot, already running a few minutes late, to see this SUV blocking the isle I was in. Getting annoyed and wishing i had my car horn fixed, i waited for the car to pull into a spot. I noticed the driver was a man in his early twenties, the passenger looked around 50 (but I'm really bad at the age guessing game). Anyways, the guy gets out to examine the car he parked next to. This kinda gets my attention so i slow down getting my stuff out of my car.

He's wearing scrubs. Walks all the way around it and checks the tires. The driver side door of the SUV is still open and i see the older woman undoing her seat belt. the guy looks at the car in approval says "thanks for the ride mom!" The moms gets in the driver seat and they both leave in different directions. Awe, she dropped her son off so he could go be a doctor. (I'm not sure why he had to inspect the car but whateves).

At that moment i started thinking of all the times my mom and step-mom drove me, picked me up, dropped me off and made me feel better when life was crappy. I must have won some sort of childhood lottery because I have two mothers that I get to learn from, respect and love.

I mean there are a million stories I could tell about each one...but i'll keep it relatively short.

In high school I ran track. And if you've ever had to go to an invitational or relay you know that all the kids are participating and running around with hormones and what-not...That really takes up a lot of energy and kids get hungry. So after eating apples, oranges and peanut butter (not all at the same time), napping, chasing boys around from other schools and finally participating in your event (mine was 100M hurdles) a girl can get really hungry. So instead of eating concession food my mom would make mini-turkey subs.

Hot dog bun, shredded lettuce & turkey. Cut in half and individually wrap.

I think my mom would buy 3lbs of turkey and a bottle of Italian dressing. Load it in the cooler with some blue or purple Gatorade and meet me in the stands at some point during race day. I would probably eat 4-5 mini-subs. It never started with 3lbs of turkey...but I like to share, especially my moms cooking. So word got out at how simple and good the mini-subs were. And she gratefully excepted the duty of TRYING to feed the Twinsburg Varsity track team for 4 years...I think this is why i eat a turkey sandwich for lunch every day. No lie.

My step-mom kicks butt. She speaks her mind and has an amazing point of view. One that I don't think i could ever get from a blood relative. When I was finishing high school and in my first few years in college i was living with my dad,
A. and two step-sisters. A. was really there to help me get through all the drama that comes with high school and college. Toward the end of my freshman year at Kent i decided to end things with my first real boyfriend, the first (and only) one I've said 'I love you' to. We'll call him Mr. First.

There was lots of drama with this. I was in my dorm room and after the argument of breaking up (in person) was over and I was in my room crying. I called
A. to calm me down. We were on the phone for like an hour. I was questioning if what i did was right and why i still felt like crap...All the usual post break-up thoughts. i hear the family dog barking in the background, which means someone was at the front door...yep Mr. First went to my dads to talk to them, cry or something. My dad briefly talked with with Mr. First and A. kept me on the phone as this made me start crying all over again. Anyways, the one thing I'll treasure for the rest of my life and pass one to my kids (if i have them) is this... "the first 100 years are the hardest." It's actually a saying her grandma or grandfather would tell her.

And as i get older i look back at all the memories I've had...with both these amazing women. And the lessons i learned...if not right away, at some point. They have both made growing up and looking to the future that much more exciting. And I'm so lucky to have them both in my life.

I love you both!

So Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there! And to all my friends who are popping out babies! Hope you have/had a great day!

So I ask, what motherly stories do you have? embarrassing ones? i have plenty of those...for a later time though.

PS. Go Cavs!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

In One Week

They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
– Andy Warhol


In one week from today I will have the use of both hands!
That's right, my cast comes off next week!!!

I'll do my best to take pictures of them sawing it off and how funny my tiny hand will look.

Thanks to all my friends who helped me out...especially with my hair!
And thanks to the Cleveland Clinic, I know it wasn't a face transplant, but they did their job!

So I'm signing off till I have both my hands back.

Have an awesome week kiddies.

Miss Me!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gettin Down & Derby!

Money, horse racing & women, three things the boys can't figure out.
– Will Rogers


One thing everyone must do in their life is visit Lo
uisville and attend a Kentucky Derby.

This year marked my second derby in a row. I can't speak highly enough of the city, people and places. You really need to check it out for yourself. Jus
t make sure you pronounce it right...Lou-vull, like you have marbles in your mouth.

Something you might not know about me...I lived there for 3 months while doing an internship at Bisig Impact Group. While I was there 4th Street Live didn't exist, but Bardstown Road did! I have a ton of family that lives in many is a ton? Thanks for asking...

Out of the 7 cousins that my aunt had, 5 of them live in Louisville. Between my 5 cousins there are 12 first cousins once removed (aka second cousins, which is incorrect). 3 of them are about my age...give or take a few years. Confused yet?

When I go down to visit i usually stay with my second cousin, we'll call him Illgauskas (yes, like the Cavs #11). He's super cool, knows everyone and doesn't fail at showing me an awesome time. Example: Last year Me, Illgauskas, PB&J and a friend rolled into 4th Street Live in a cop car...3 in the back and PB&J in the front!!! It was awesome! And this year was no different! $10 per person for a limo ride!This post was going to highlight some of the events going on during Derby week but I'd much rather talk about my awesome weekend. (if you really want info, let me know)

Let me back track a second. PB&J and I arrived around 5pm Friday evening. Got ready at Illgauskas's and headed to my cousins annual "Unstable Clown Party" on Speed Ave. Unstable Clown comes from Barnstable Brown, which is the party all the famous people go to. Speed Ave is the back road that all the limo's and hummers drive down to drop off all the famous people.

After that fabulous soiree we headed to a house party and made a ton of new friends from Louisville, Chicago and Indiana. That's when we got the limo to 4th Street. Me and PB&J drank the night away at The Sports and Social Club. I got a ton of autographs on my cast. Including a third string for the Jets...I think I was suppose to relay a message to Mangini...

Our awesome new friends decided to leave, but PB&J and I were anything but. They texted me their address (which might've been the best decission in my life).

We stay out till 4ish (bars are open till 6am Derby weekend) and took a taxi that had GPS (thank god), and made it back to our new friends house...I was ready to go to bed but not untill i heard I'm On A Boat a million more times. As annoyed as I was it will forever remind me of Derby 09.

We slept till 9ish, went back to Illgauskas's get ready for Derby and arrive at Churchill Downs by 2ish...

Derby Day Pointers:
  • Don't drink till 5am the night before
  • Keep tabs on the weather (70% chance of rain in Louisville is not the same in Cleveland, its better)
  • $40 for infield access + $9 mint julipes + $7 beer = bring lots of cash (the last thing you want to do is try to find an ATM)
  • Girls: make or buy a Derby hat, you'll appreciate the other hats. Guys: white shoes/belts, aviators and seersucker pants (ladies, you can wear them too) will make you feel right at home.
  • Take as many pictures as you can. even of the random girl pissing on herself and then falling into her own puddle...those make for great stories.
  • Place a bet. Especially on the Derby race. Its more fun to watch an the minimum is $2.
  • Make sure to grab/bring toilet paper when there is an opportunity (and hand sanitizer)

My best pointer, especially if you're driving the 5+ hours, would be to go with someone you get along with, someone that you can spend 48+ hours in a row with...someone like PB&J!

Derby #2 + PB&J = WIN!

Have any of you been to Derby? What are your experiences? Win? Fail?

PS. Go Cavs and congrats to LeBron James and team for the MVP!!!
PSS. Special thanks to all my Louisville family and friends for showing us Cleveland girls some good southern hospitality!!!