Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gettin Down & Derby!

Money, horse racing & women, three things the boys can't figure out.
– Will Rogers


One thing everyone must do in their life is visit Lo
uisville and attend a Kentucky Derby.

This year marked my second derby in a row. I can't speak highly enough of the city, people and places. You really need to check it out for yourself. Jus
t make sure you pronounce it right...Lou-vull, like you have marbles in your mouth.

Something you might not know about me...I lived there for 3 months while doing an internship at Bisig Impact Group. While I was there 4th Street Live didn't exist, but Bardstown Road did! I have a ton of family that lives in KY...how many is a ton? Thanks for asking...

Out of the 7 cousins that my aunt had, 5 of them live in Louisville. Between my 5 cousins there are 12 first cousins once removed (aka second cousins, which is incorrect). 3 of them are about my age...give or take a few years. Confused yet?

When I go down to visit i usually stay with my second cousin, we'll call him Illgauskas (yes, like the Cavs #11). He's super cool, knows everyone and doesn't fail at showing me an awesome time. Example: Last year Me, Illgauskas, PB&J and a friend rolled into 4th Street Live in a cop car...3 in the back and PB&J in the front!!! It was awesome! And this year was no different! $10 per person for a limo ride!This post was going to highlight some of the events going on during Derby week but I'd much rather talk about my awesome weekend. (if you really want info, let me know)

Let me back track a second. PB&J and I arrived around 5pm Friday evening. Got ready at Illgauskas's and headed to my cousins annual "Unstable Clown Party" on Speed Ave. Unstable Clown comes from Barnstable Brown, which is the party all the famous people go to. Speed Ave is the back road that all the limo's and hummers drive down to drop off all the famous people.

After that fabulous soiree we headed to a house party and made a ton of new friends from Louisville, Chicago and Indiana. That's when we got the limo to 4th Street. Me and PB&J drank the night away at The Sports and Social Club. I got a ton of autographs on my cast. Including a third string for the Jets...I think I was suppose to relay a message to Mangini...

Our awesome new friends decided to leave, but PB&J and I were anything but. They texted me their address (which might've been the best decission in my life).

We stay out till 4ish (bars are open till 6am Derby weekend) and took a taxi that had GPS (thank god), and made it back to our new friends house...I was ready to go to bed but not untill i heard I'm On A Boat a million more times. As annoyed as I was it will forever remind me of Derby 09.

We slept till 9ish, went back to Illgauskas's get ready for Derby and arrive at Churchill Downs by 2ish...

Derby Day Pointers:
  • Don't drink till 5am the night before
  • Keep tabs on the weather (70% chance of rain in Louisville is not the same in Cleveland, its better)
  • $40 for infield access + $9 mint julipes + $7 beer = bring lots of cash (the last thing you want to do is try to find an ATM)
  • Girls: make or buy a Derby hat, you'll appreciate the other hats. Guys: white shoes/belts, aviators and seersucker pants (ladies, you can wear them too) will make you feel right at home.
  • Take as many pictures as you can. even of the random girl pissing on herself and then falling into her own puddle...those make for great stories.
  • Place a bet. Especially on the Derby race. Its more fun to watch an the minimum is $2.
  • Make sure to grab/bring toilet paper when there is an opportunity (and hand sanitizer)

My best pointer, especially if you're driving the 5+ hours, would be to go with someone you get along with, someone that you can spend 48+ hours in a row with...someone like PB&J!

Derby #2 + PB&J = WIN!

Have any of you been to Derby? What are your experiences? Win? Fail?

PS. Go Cavs and congrats to LeBron James and team for the MVP!!!
PSS. Special thanks to all my Louisville family and friends for showing us Cleveland girls some good southern hospitality!!!


  1. So, since you call him Ilgauskas, does he drop everything you hand him?


    I kid, I kid.

    It does sound like quite a time. Everyone I've ever met who has been recommends it.

  2. Michael, don't you mean Braylon Edwards? He's the one that drops everything.

    You should totally go next year!!!