Thursday, May 21, 2009


No one said it would be easy.
LeBron James


I'm in a bad mood. Not an ordinary i'll get over it in a few hours bad mood, but one that's been lingering since yesterday around 8pm. (yes, even before the Cavs lost).

Usually a good night sleep fixes my bad moods, that or a few beers.
But neither helped.

Yesterday evening started off right. I rode my bike to work and to volleyball. My dad took me to dinner and stayed to watch me play volleyball...that's when it stared to go down hill...
  • we lost volleyball 1-2, and the other team was down a player...Grumble.
  • i got home to find my loving dog felt like finding my x-rays and doctors notes from my fractured hand and having a snack with them...Grumble.
  • i find out that i'm getting hit harder with this stupid recession than i thought and i realize i can't afford to have a lot of fun this weekend...Grumble.
  • i have a brief convo with a rival kickball team about how they're the champions two sessions in a row and they point out I'm in a bad mood...Grumble.
  • The Cavs lose...Grumble.
  • On my ride home from downtown some black Cadillac POS with rims decides to park his car in the bike lane on the Lorain bridge. i swear and flick him off cause i almost rear ended him (on my bike)...Grumble.
  • i wake up this morning to find out its only Thursday...Grumble.
  • i go to the pop machine to get a juice for breakfast and its out...Grumble.
I know the things that put me in a bad mood are petty, but pile them all up and with a hard loss from the Cavs, you'd be in a bad mood too. Hopefully this bad mood doesn't last much longer...i do have some things to look forward to...what you ask?
  • My little sis is graduating from high school on Tuesday.
  • I get to work on this cool video for a client that will resemble Monty Python-ness animation.
  • my co-workers and i are going to the tribe game next Friday.
  • next Saturday i'll be at Nelsons Ledges for a Badfish concert.
  • in about 3 weeks i get to see my Florida bestest and go to a wedding with her!
  • and in 4 weeks from tomorrow i'll be landing in Chicago for a weekend of Cubs/Tribe baseball with PB&J and the rest of Cleveland!
So until this mood swing passes it might be best to stay out of my way...
What has put you in a bad mood? How long has it lasted?

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