Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Guess Who's Back?

Guess who's back, Back again, Shady's back, Tell a friend.
– Eminem


Two fully functioning hands! I feel like i can type at record speeds.

I really wanted my returning post to blow everyone out of the water, but i can't think of a good topic.
so i'll tell you about a little conversation i over heard at the doctors while i was waiting to get my cast off.

I ended up taking the Healthline cause parking at the clinic is like $12. Riding the Healthline is $4 for a two way pass! Not stimulating the economy + being eco-friendly = score!

Anyways, i got my cast removed at 8AM. If you've never had a cast its the most bizzare thing to happen. it's this little vibrating saw-thing and it really tickles. Next stop...sink.

i had like a trillion dead skin sells to wash down the drain (gross i know). Then i compared my tiny hand to my normal hand. Actually it was more so my wrist that was reduced in size along with a noticable tan line. I then went to get my x-rays as i'm waiting for them to develop this was when the convo took place...

There was a man sitting next to a female. I couldn't figure out if there were together. It was pretty crowded and seating was limited. Neither of them seemed to be in any pain or getting x-rays. She was mostly flipping through a magazine and acknowledging him when it mattered. it went something like this...

Man: i can't believe i set 4 alarms last night and i still couldn't get up in time to be here. i mean i set my alarm clock, my other alarm clock across the room, my phone alarm clock and my t.v. alarm clock. Oh yeah, i can set my tv to turn on and it usually wakes me up. but i slept through all of them.

he goes on and on about how many he set and how he couldn't get up. i just rolled my eyes and started thinking. I have one alarm clock...i mean yeah so i hit snooze, sometimes up to 6 times, but who doesn't. it's usually days where i don't have anything super important going on. but this guy had to get to the hospital, or get x-rays...there is an understanding of being late, but having to set 4 alarm clocks to make sure you get up. ridiculous.

i think something is seriously wrong with a person.

i mean, i almost couldn't sleep the night before, i was so excited to get my cast off and have two hands again. i mean if its an important day i tend to make sure i'm up...for example, days like: reviews at work, christmas morning, a wedding, getting to the doctor to find out what's wrong with you.

maybe i'm being to judgemental, maybe he was there to find out why he can't get up in the morning, or maybe he has a weird work shift and an AM rise and shine just doesn't work for him...but 4 alarm clocks really??? in my opinion (and please feel free to disagree) non-productive people have multiple alarms (which is different from a snooze). if i just float by everyday without any goals i would spend all my time in bed too (if my bed was more comfortable).

please note that i was there at 8am. he could've been there earlier than me, but i didn't notice him. Also, i'll admit that on important race days i would set two alarms, or i'll make a friend call to make sure i'm up. I'm sure PB&J would've like 4 alarm clocks after her 25th birthday bash last year...leaving her to miss a fun ski trip to Holiday Valley.

With that i ask, how many alarm clocks do you use to get up? or how many times do you usually snooze?

PS. Cavs = 2 Sweeps. On to the Conference Finals! Choo Choo!


  1. Congrats on getting the cast off!

    I set one alarm (my cell phone) and one snooze. I'm one of those people that sets the alarm for the last possible minute, so it's one of those "oh sh!t I need to get out of bed or I'm late!" things. And then I hit snooze and wonder why I'm late to work EVERY day.

  2. I use two. I used to use three, but one broke.