Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh Mother Where Art Thou

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.
– Sophia Loren


Happy Mothers Day!

I know i said I wasn't going to post anything till Thursday...but it's Mothers Day and I want give a shout out to two important ladies in my life. Mom and A., both who are amazing, outstanding & loving women.

The inspiration for this post wasn't entirely based on the fact that today is mothers was what I saw in my office parking lot on Friday.

I pulled into the lot, already running a few minutes late, to see this SUV blocking the isle I was in. Getting annoyed and wishing i had my car horn fixed, i waited for the car to pull into a spot. I noticed the driver was a man in his early twenties, the passenger looked around 50 (but I'm really bad at the age guessing game). Anyways, the guy gets out to examine the car he parked next to. This kinda gets my attention so i slow down getting my stuff out of my car.

He's wearing scrubs. Walks all the way around it and checks the tires. The driver side door of the SUV is still open and i see the older woman undoing her seat belt. the guy looks at the car in approval says "thanks for the ride mom!" The moms gets in the driver seat and they both leave in different directions. Awe, she dropped her son off so he could go be a doctor. (I'm not sure why he had to inspect the car but whateves).

At that moment i started thinking of all the times my mom and step-mom drove me, picked me up, dropped me off and made me feel better when life was crappy. I must have won some sort of childhood lottery because I have two mothers that I get to learn from, respect and love.

I mean there are a million stories I could tell about each one...but i'll keep it relatively short.

In high school I ran track. And if you've ever had to go to an invitational or relay you know that all the kids are participating and running around with hormones and what-not...That really takes up a lot of energy and kids get hungry. So after eating apples, oranges and peanut butter (not all at the same time), napping, chasing boys around from other schools and finally participating in your event (mine was 100M hurdles) a girl can get really hungry. So instead of eating concession food my mom would make mini-turkey subs.

Hot dog bun, shredded lettuce & turkey. Cut in half and individually wrap.

I think my mom would buy 3lbs of turkey and a bottle of Italian dressing. Load it in the cooler with some blue or purple Gatorade and meet me in the stands at some point during race day. I would probably eat 4-5 mini-subs. It never started with 3lbs of turkey...but I like to share, especially my moms cooking. So word got out at how simple and good the mini-subs were. And she gratefully excepted the duty of TRYING to feed the Twinsburg Varsity track team for 4 years...I think this is why i eat a turkey sandwich for lunch every day. No lie.

My step-mom kicks butt. She speaks her mind and has an amazing point of view. One that I don't think i could ever get from a blood relative. When I was finishing high school and in my first few years in college i was living with my dad,
A. and two step-sisters. A. was really there to help me get through all the drama that comes with high school and college. Toward the end of my freshman year at Kent i decided to end things with my first real boyfriend, the first (and only) one I've said 'I love you' to. We'll call him Mr. First.

There was lots of drama with this. I was in my dorm room and after the argument of breaking up (in person) was over and I was in my room crying. I called
A. to calm me down. We were on the phone for like an hour. I was questioning if what i did was right and why i still felt like crap...All the usual post break-up thoughts. i hear the family dog barking in the background, which means someone was at the front door...yep Mr. First went to my dads to talk to them, cry or something. My dad briefly talked with with Mr. First and A. kept me on the phone as this made me start crying all over again. Anyways, the one thing I'll treasure for the rest of my life and pass one to my kids (if i have them) is this... "the first 100 years are the hardest." It's actually a saying her grandma or grandfather would tell her.

And as i get older i look back at all the memories I've had...with both these amazing women. And the lessons i learned...if not right away, at some point. They have both made growing up and looking to the future that much more exciting. And I'm so lucky to have them both in my life.

I love you both!

So Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there! And to all my friends who are popping out babies! Hope you have/had a great day!

So I ask, what motherly stories do you have? embarrassing ones? i have plenty of those...for a later time though.

PS. Go Cavs!!!

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  1. Lara:

    Wow! What a great tribute! I am glad that I have had some positive imput in your life. I had forgotten about that night. The words you wrote meant alot to me.

    I am the lucky one. Lucky that you came into my life and I have had the honor to watch you grow up. You have said that you have learned from me, well I have learned alot from you also! (Hopefully the girls see that you paved the way for those teenage years). I look forward to the future, to see your successes and joy that is to come. If you do have kids YOU will be a GREAT Mom, but you are such a great person. You are a beautiful woman Lara, inside and out.

    I love you!