Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Very Superstitious

The root of all superstition is that men observe when a thing hits, but not when it misses.
– Sr. Francis Bacon


There are so many things i want to blog about today. Has that ever happened to you? However, i'm going to focus on one topic. It'll be short. i hope.

Cleveland Cavaliers.
C'mon. Really?
I'm a die hard Cleveland fan...although ask me about statistics or names of past players...who am i kidding even some current clue. but i'm still a fan. i cheer, i drink, i cry.

I'm also very superstitious, for example...

Game One of ECF: started off at Barley House we were winning at the half. Went over to Clevelander, we blew a twentysomepoint lead.
Game Two: Stayed the whole time at Barley House LeBron hits "the shot". my friends will not let me live down the fact that i had tears swelling up in my much i almost couldn't see that most beautiful shot.
Game Three: Blind Pig for a going away party = fail
Game Four: I was in Akron for my little sisters high school graduation. my brother had his smart phone and was checking the score every 3 seconds while we were waiting for our food at Olive Garden (ps. they don't have a TV). As soon as dinner was over and we all said our goodbyes and congratulations i jumped in my car to listen to the radio. I got all the way home with 2 minutes in regulation. I don't have TV so i laid on my couch listening to my radio. Tears would form and i'd wipe them away.

I even had that fairytale moment when a tear would hit my pillow and then Joe Tait would scream "CAVS WIN, CAVS WIN!!!!!".

But alas, I'm laying there with my eyes closed to hear we go into over time. All that salad, bread sticks and seafood Alfredo are making me nauseous...As i lay there waiting for overtime to start the worst thing happens...

I fall asleep.

I missed it. I woke up around 1am not knowing the final score, my Internet wasn't working and i have no TV to check so i decided i'd go to bed and pray that we won. That one of my tears will make a fairytale come true.

i wanted a win so bad that i had a dream that i was with my dad and he said "wasn't that amazing? I can't believe we won" (i think we were on Obama's boat) wishful thinking.

What i'm so sad about is that Cleveland has been through this sooo many crappy times. We're so used to it. This negative energy. Even in game one, while I was at the Clevelander, i could see the fans on TV...they looked as if we had already lost. The Cavs need us. Just like we brought to Detroit. they need us. Now more than ever.

Since i don't follow statistics i don't know how accurate this is...but i know its near impossible to come back from 3-1 loss. But if any team can do it, its our Cleveland Cavs.

I'll be at the game tomorrow decked out in almost every single article of Cavs clothing i own. I'm hoping that me being there brings the luck that I so desperately want for this city. And if they're loosing at half time, i'll be making my way over to Barley House.

What are some crazy things you've done because of your superstitions?

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