Monday, June 22, 2009


You know what they say about Chicago. If you don't like the weather, wait fifteen minutes.
– Ralph Kiner

Okay so PB&J and i had to wait about 30 minutes in the rain to get to my friend, The Faz's apartment. It was only a block from this picture.

This weekend a wave hit Chicago...Maybe Cleveland finally did something right. We brought summer to Chi-Town.

Originally i wanted to tell you all about it. like every single detail, down to packing 2 vitamin waters so i could survive all the alcohol i was going to consume. But this post will just be the highlights and a few lowlights.

But before i begin i want to say thank you to all my f
ormer CLE friends who are now CHI-dwellers. i'm jealous of your new condos, awesome apartments, public transportation, street festivals, 50 million beach volleyball courts at North Ave., the shopping (even though we didn't do any...this time). i am truly jealous. So, as i thank you for all that you did, keep in mind, i know where you live. and i expect a bed, couch, floor or a random guys bed upon my next visit.


Highlights: Arriving at Midway safe and on time.
I finally got to witness hail in person. I didn't realize how cold it is. Drinking Great Lakes Dortmunder. Walking around Wrigleyville to find a bar and getting offered free tickets to the game. Seeing Socks and day drinking. Meeting some guys who buy us drinks at a few bars. Going out with the Faz and getting booze food at Jimmy Johns.
Lowlights: Waiting 30 min in the rain on the stoop of @Properties to walk a block to Faz's place. We had to get ready drunk, which is never fun. Having an aw
esome meal at Ear Wax only to not be full enough to keep drinking (which led to the late night jimmy johns run)

PB&J and me at Wrigley, the second prettiest field.

Highlights: Getting to the Cubs game early enough to get a free Cubs hat. Watching PB&J struggle with her hangover. Getting to see some awesome Aurora Shores peeps! We got invited to a VIP Pool Party for Sunday. Went to the Red Ivy to meet up with some
CLE friends and one MIA friend who followed Vince Vaughn out of Wrigley. Made it back to Bucktown to get ready on time and out to the Taste of Randolph street festival. Went out to some local bars and met some really cool people.
Lowlights: Waking up early for the Cubs game. Watching PB&J struggle with her hangover. Not taking any pictures during the day.

PB&J, Faz's Roomie, Faz and Me at Taste of Randolph.


Highlights: Going to North Ave beach and playing volleyball with a bunch of people. i was in heaven. Hanging out with some cool new friends.
Lowlights: Realizing its our last day. Saying goodbye to the Faz and her roomie. Tribe not winning a single game. Almost missing our flight. Getting our luggage with a big LATE sticker on it. Not going to bed till 1:15 EST. (stupid time zones). Having to get up this morning in Cleveland, not Chicago.

All the sweet volleyball players at North Ave Beach. I was able to play for a few hours...loved it!

This was the best mini-vacation i've had. i needed it. I'll be back in October to run the Marathon and do some damage to my liver...after the race. And who knows, i might take the mega bus out for another weekend this summer. Or, book a flight for the Brown/Bears game in November. Better yet, move there.

To all the friends that i didn't get to see. i'll be back. Miss you all. and thanks for an awesome weekend!!!

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