Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Excuse Me Miss.

When one has tasted watermelon he know what the angels eat.
– Mark Twain


Good Morning Everyone!

So for those of you following me on twitter or facebook know that i've been working on a little project.
Actually it's kinda big for me, as i am not one to usually finish things. A few examples from my first post.

But yesterday was a glorious day!

I finished Miss Watermelon, my hipster, polo bike!

Introducing Miss Watermelon. (Lazarey is in the background)

She is part 1970's bike from my mom, part Mid 90's bike from my 10 speed huffy and part modern day.

It started last week when i was convinced (very easily i might add) to start to participate in bike polo. I usually just would go, watch, drink and laugh when the boys would fall. Mean, i know.

This past Sunday i was at my moms rummaging through her garage and i found the start of Miss Watermelon. So i took off her wheels, tires and tubes (which were totally dry rotted) and brillow padded the heck out of the rims. (i wish i had before and after shots). I also took the handle bars and seat from my 10 speed.

Monday after work was fun. i was a grease monkey. i took off the handle bars, break lines, gear shifters and deraileurs. The best way to learn how something works is to take it apart (good luck putting it back together).

And finally yesterday. But claiming i did all the work isn't fair. My friend Karate Jon came over yesterday and helped me put most of her back together. This included: old seat from my 10 speed, new tire tape, tubes and tires; new front break and cable, sawing off the old 10 speed handle bars and adjusting the chain length for the right gears.

TA-DA! for $40 i have a new/old single speed bike!

i rode her around Tremont last night since we were done around 8. it was a glorious night for Taco Tuesday at Lincoln Park Pub. yum.

So now i'm praying that the rain holds out tomorrow so i can participate in my first bike polo match with the Pedal Republik of Cleveland. Watch out boys.

What project have you started/finished lately?

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