Monday, June 8, 2009

Pretty Long. Pretty Awesome.

I was at a yard sale one day and saw a box marked "Electronic cat and dog caller – guaranteed to work." I looked inside and was amused to see an electric can opener.
– anonymous


So it seems like its been a million years since i made a post.
it took me that long to get over the Cavs defeat and i'm still not over it.
but i'm pretty optimistic so i'm gonna keep on truckin. maybe next year.

within the past week and a half i've been pretty awesome. no lie.
(hopefully you'll continue reading to see why)

Saturday of Game 6 i was not at home/a bar watching the game. instead i was with PB&J at Nelson Ledges for a Badfish concert. This was our 4th concert, 3rd trip to the ledges. and it gets better every time. My tent pitching skills are awesome (get your mind out of the gutter) and walking the campsites observing the hippies is probably the best things to do on a nice spring evening. I was on a mission to buy a bag/purse but i failed. instead i decided to ask for a sewing machine for my birthday (July 16th, if you want to send me a card) and make my own bags...

Sunday was family time at my moms. we celebrated my grandma's boyfriends 84th birthday. yes my grandma has a boyfriend. they've been together since 1968, give or take. they live together and never got married. so all the grand kids got together and hung out it was nice cause with my one cousin trying to be Mother Theresa it's pretty hard to get us all in the same room.

Ballamechi, G-ma, The Cuz, Me, Mother Theresa & Murphy
(and the famous yellow doors)

The next week went by super fast. Work was good, concepts got approved and the weather was nice.
So nice that i had my eye on this past Friday and took a "mental health day". it was by far the smartest thing i've ever done for myself. and i was productive. Dog park, laundry, laying out, edgewater, Garage bar, Howl at the Moon, Map room....say what? yes i was at howl at the moon. it was fun and depressing at the same time. i used to go there all the time in college and it was packed and awesome. Mainly because of Bill Kraus. he would also perform at Glory Days in Kent...oh how i miss college...

but anyways PB&J ended up going to Howl because our friend The Jerk told us to (we're pretty obedient that way). i got there first and found out there was a $5 cover. and me with no cash. so a little conversation and flirting ensued...
i get up to the Door Man and show him my ID.

Door Man: it's a $5 cover
Me: really? crap, i didn't bring any cash (batting my eyelashes)
DM: are you with a party?
Me: oh yeah, was i suppose to say that?
DM: who's party?
Me: (thinking of the most common name on the planet, sorry PB&J) Jennnniiiiffffeeerrrs????
DM: (moving a book to reveal a list of party names and i see the golden ticket)
Me: I mean Katie, i'm with Katie's Party
DM: (not really falling for my awesome acting skills) fine go in, but don't tell anyone
Me: thank you so much (wink)
(jk on the wink, in all honesty i would've fallen on my face)

So i get inside and immediately text PB&J and tell her to say she's with Katie's Party. she gets in without a hitch. so as we're drinking the last two PBRs we glance around and see how empty the place is. compared to its hay day. we had plenty of seats available to choose from. Where there for a while and think The Jerk and friends are standing us up. Its a pretty good trick actually. but Alas they didn't. we told them about Katie's party (sorry katie) and they all got in too. drank a couple of fish bowls and proceeded to Map Room.
So yeah, Friday was the perfect day for focusing on my mental health!

Saturday, lost to More Cowbell in co-ed, two hand touch playoffs. ARRRRGGGG. Their plan to get us drunk the night before kinda-sorta worked. did some day drinking at Treehouse, played some pick-up volleyball at Whiskey Island, took a nap and had a bon fire at Karate Jon's. This is the most exciting part (minus the smores')...i decide i'm going to attempt* to make a single gear bike to participate in bike polo! Choo Choo!

Sunday, got to see Bike Polo'ers eat scrapple, rode through the Tremont Yard sale, went to my moms to work on my new/old bike. i'll be sure to update you on the progress. it'll be interesting.

This post was a lot longer than i thought and i apologize. hopefully i wasn't too boring.
and admit it. i am pretty awesome.

What are some of your big projects for this summer?

*when i say "i'm going to attempt" i really mean get all my friends who play bike polo to help (thanks in advance guys)

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