Thursday, July 16, 2009

As if...

Searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.
– Cher (Clueless)


Ten years ago today was a Friday (i checked) and i was on summer vacation. i had high school graduation parties to go to. i had a boyfriend who's car was broke and i had to drive around in my soft top red jeep wrangle. God i miss that car. i had 1 bill to my name. my pager.

for my 18th birthday the HS BF and i went to the zoo. yes, i wanted to see penguins on my birthday. i got my navel pierced (and passed out) and i went to the pool to show it off to my dad and step mom. that night at dinner (or whenever i had my birthday dinner) i lit up a cig in front of my dad. yeah, i felt totally rebellious.

so now, after voting in 3 presidential elections, a college diploma, and a "big kid" job i still want that rebellious feeling. however, i don't want to end up in jail.

i think a new tattoo might be needed. what should i get and where?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cleveland Wins At Everything

I think we enjoy the camaraderie as much as anything. It's just about getting out, getting exercise and enjoying the friendship.
– Chuck Newman


Okay. So this is really long over due. Sorry Fatty.
I've actually been busy with work, marathon training and lets not forget about my new hobby...Bike Polo (aka another reason for day drinking).

The Pedal Republik of Cleveland has welcomed me with open arms. or rather, i just show up all the time and they finally let me play. It's not at all easy and it's only as scary as you want it to be. A list of the rules (from Pittsburgh) can be found here.

Fourth of July weekend was the Pittsburgh tournament. Urb
an Velo hosted and it was A-MAZING! it was so much fun and Cleveland rocked the house. i think we ended up bringing about 12 polo players and their better halves (halfs?) to participate, watch, cheer, cook-out and of course drink.

Teams were picked randomly from 3 piles. Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Everyone Else. it was double elimination. The weather was awesome, the crowd was full of heckles. My team was the Scuba Monkeys with Lee (from Dayton) and Chris (from Pittsburgh). we lost our first
game, drats. but no worries. We came in 3rd over all.

THIRD! my first tournament after only playing a month and we (they) came in third! I'm not gonna lie, i hardly did anything. i did have one goal that day, Choo Choo! the whole experience was awesome and i have the bruised legs, and shoulder to prove it.

Me, Lee, Lee's daughter and Chris

It was an awesome weekend (have i said awesome enough?) are some highlights from the rest of the trip.

• Getting all the bikes to fit in my car.
• Having a shitty waitress and Lucas tipping her in ni
• Getting to hold a python at the after party
• Getting lost downtown Pitt and pulling a cop over to ask for directions
• While being lost seeing Karate Jon through his bike

• Meeting cool people at polo

• Watching Prince Charlie fall out of the polo court
• Meeting Pittsburgh Jenn Page
• Getting 3rd place over all
• Going to some awesome bars
• Not getting lost

• Awesome breakfast with dippy eggs
• Realizing i was more sore from laughing all weekend then ridding
• Getting home in one piece

The guys and girls of the P.R.o.C. are super sweet and i can't th
ank them enough for making me feel apart of the group. You guys rock!

If you're ever looking for some entertainment. We meet at the tennis courts east of the Muni Lot on Thursdays and Sundays. Hope you can come watch!

Pedal Republik of Cleveland

What did everyone else do for the holiday weekend?