Friday, August 28, 2009

to remake or not to remake...

Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.
– Dr. Emmett Brown


So i was thinking...the other day on twitter a few exchanges were had...

Eek! This cloud outside of my window is straight up ghost busters style!

stay puff marshmallow man? RT @JennVojta Eek! This cloud outside of my window is straight up ghost busters style!

@butnoteveryday how come when people talk about ghostbusters they only talk about the first one? @jennvojta @clevelandsaplum

@fattymcbastard @butnoteveryday for the same reason no one talks about Teen Wolf II or Blues Brothers 2000... The originals are FAR superior...

@butnoteveryday @fattymcbastard until they do remakes and ruin a whole generation.

@fattymcbastard @butnoteveryday most sequals are bad... but prequels are even worse... (exception: Batman Begins)

my last remark about ruining a generation got me thinking...what are we showing the kiddies about creativity when directors and writers and producers are just remaking good old movies, or even bad old movies?

where do we draw the line? did the creativity barrel dry up? i mean i'm totally going to see Alice In Wonderland when it comes out. on that note, what about books to movies? i do my best to read them before i watch them...i like to see how my imagination works compared to the vision of producers and such...and i'm not going to lie, when the dark towers movies comes out i'm going to the midnight showing.

but i mean do they really need to remake the karate kid? and what does will smiths kid have that ralph macchio doesn't? Footloose, Short Circut and Child's Play?!? really? and my biggest surprise...

Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!!

Checking out the wiki page i was happy to see that some of my favorites didn't make the list...Legally Blonde, Mean Girls and Anchorman. and i can't believe Cruel Intentions, Father of the Bride and Vanilla Sky were remakes!

i mean where is the creativity people??? what movies would see like to see remade, or not remade?

All my single ladies!

When women are depressed they either eat or go shopping. Men invade another country.
– Elayne Boosler


So while i was getting ready for work this morning it hit me...
...i have girlfriends again!

Say whaaa?
okay so, in previous posts i've said how i'm one the last single girls of my friends. well not anymore. kinda. this fall is going to be awesome. i know your dying to hear why. let me tell you.

Reason #1:
PB&J is finally getting her very own apartment. living by herself! i don't really know how this effects me having girlfriends but it's a big step for her and we were talking about it last night and i'm so excited and happy for her! Yay for women living on their own!

Reason #2:
My friend Shiba is husband-less this fall. only cause he decided to go to Italy for the KSU architecture program (lucky bastard). anyways, this is where the more girlfriends really comes to focus. she's the hostess of our group. throwing awesome new years parties, organizing tailgates and having PB&J and myself over for dinner and a movie, oh and a bottle of wine.

we sat around her cute kitchen. talked, ate and drank. and let me just say...OMG it was so good. i haven't had a meal like that in a million years. there was an awesome salad, but i was too hungry to take a picture of it.

after dinner we migrated to the living room to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic on her 63" highdef flat screen tv. it was awesome. if only we could get some Bradley Cooper or Michael Vartan up on that beeotch i will have died and gone to heaven.

hopefully her hospitality will make an appearance every week. Oh and lets not forget the fact that PB&J picked me up and Shiba let me do a load of laundry!

Reason #3:
Fall indoor kickball starts in less than two weeks! some of my old lady friends are back on the team. for instance, my friend Margherita. her fiance is in DC doing lawyerly things. so she too is living the single life. when she was asked to be on my kickball team she gladly excepted! so come monday nights some hot ladies will be running around mulberry's kickballing the night away...well at least till 9, gotsta get in some gossip girl!

so the fact that my friends are living the single life i feel like i'll be force to do my hair (after i decide how to get it cut) dress all fancy, and probably put on my dancing shoes every other week...but i am definitely not complaining. i need a good dose of estrogen!

thanks again for the awesome meal shiba! keep them coming!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hair today

She was what we used to call a suicide blonde – dyed by her own hand.
– Saul Bellow


so my hair is getting annoying. i'm shedding in in the shower lik
e its my job (the hair on my head, please remove yourself from the gutters).

to be honest i love my hair, not many girls say that. i love the way it smells. i can wear it almost any way, straight (depending on humidity), curly, short, long, with bangs...

i've had a range of hair hair (in college, sadly i can't find any pictures of it.)
i've had the blonde bob, long and straight, and i've even gone dark brown (not a good look if you don't do your eyebrows too).

Hair at one of its short points
(Ryan, Biljana and Me after a turning in a typography project in college)

Blonde bob. I was actually cutting this myself
(me and Selders blowing at an AIGA student event)

Hair at its almost longest
(don't mind the hottness that is PB&J and Anderson)

Short, curly and with bangs!
(me and PB&J in Chicago for the Kanye concert)

i've even donated my hair to locks of love. but i don't know if it ever made it...the guy cutting my hair seemed to think he knew what he was talking about.

anyways. the end of summer is upon us and i feel the need for a hair change. it might be as simple as a trim, but i need some advice. do i go short again? do i go super short? do i grow it out longer?
i'd like to keep my natural blonde explains so much.

i'm an active young professional (how long am i aloud to say "young professional?") so being able to pull it back is an added bonus, plus having longer hair means i don't HAVE to wash it everyday.

so let me know what you think...what were some of your favorite/no-so-favorite hair styles???

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pet Peeves...

I don't have pet peeves, I have whole kennels of irritation.
– Whoopi Goldberg


OMG. so it's been almost a month. and a crazy month at that. i want to thank the few friends of mine who have kicked my butt to get me to post something. one thing that has been taking up a lot of my time this summer [besides drinking] has been training for the Chicago marathon. PB&J and i will be running through downtown Chicago in two months. oy vay.

so yesterday as i was running a measly 5 miles around Cleveland i started thinking of all the things that piss me off when I'm running or biking around the city.

now don't get me wrong this little rant is not a reflection of my mood.

let the peeving no particular order

Holla: don't whistle, honk or yell at me while I'm running/ridding [unless you know me, i wear headphones for a reason]

Dazed & Confused:
if you're waiting for the bus and see me coming please move out of the way

after you're done chewing your gum, throw it in the trash can 5 feet from where it ended up on the ground [same goes for glass bottles]

if you hear me yell behind you "on your left" that means I'm coming up behind you on your left...maybe you should go back to kindergarten and learn the difference of left and right

•sidewalks are for walkers/runners not bikes. bike lanes are for bikes. don't get pissed at me when I'm on the Lorain bridge, running on the sidewalk and you have to stop to let me pass. that's why the city made bike lanes. for bikes. (there is even a little character of a biker on the ground for easy reminders)
•Cars, do not stop or park in bike lanes. they are for bikes. use a damn parking lot. [someone actually cut me off and parked on the Lorain bridge after a basketball game. they were trying to pick-up or drop-off some skank. needless to say i gave them a piece of my mind.]

yes, i need to vent about them. Please pay attention to cross walk signs. if the little light up person isn't lite up, DON'T CROSS. especially on Lorain and 25th. Southbound traffic on 25th gets a left arrow to turn onto Lorain...which means they have the right away, not you stupid people who decide to walk. you hold up traffic then they get pissed and take it out on riders. please pay attention and have 1 minute of patience, you'll get your walk sign.

cars, please remember that our little tires are delicate. and with all the pot holes in Cleveland there might be some last minute swerving of bikes...please don't get pissed at us, we do our best to stay out of your way. we don't want you to hit us either.

Clear space:
on my ride to work, cars, i know you see me. so driving as far right as you can to not let me pass you [which is really the bike lane] doesn't make me to happy. yes i have to slow down but in time I'm still passing you. like the white car today on Detroit. you think you were so smart to block my lane. too bad I'm super small compared to your big ass car...yeah i put my foot down to pass you...but in the end, who reached the other side of the bridge first...okay you did, but that's because you can go 35 up that hill...

Cars and intersections:
if its a red light or stop sign you are suppose to stop at the white line. which is a line that is BEFORE the cross walk. please don't give me dirty looks when i run my hand over the hood of your car cause your in my way, or the fact that i run in front of you. if i was slick i would do one of those know, where the good guy slides over the hood of a car. otherwise back the f&$k up.

i think that's it for my peeving. now don't get me wrong, some bikers and slutty runners have ruined it for the rest of us. For example, my friend Danger Dan rides the wrong way on one way roads, surely pissing off downtown traffic. and I'm not one to follow ALL the rules either. if no traffic is coming, yeah, I'll ride through that red light...only if no traffic is coming. it's all about being safe.

so cars, please give bikes and runners caution when you're by them. Pedestrians, please pay attention to your surroundings. And runners and riders, please be safe out there.

what are some of your running/ridding experiences or peeves???
By the way, i didn't even touch on what happens at the gym [only cause i haven't been there since February]