Friday, August 28, 2009

All my single ladies!

When women are depressed they either eat or go shopping. Men invade another country.
– Elayne Boosler


So while i was getting ready for work this morning it hit me...
...i have girlfriends again!

Say whaaa?
okay so, in previous posts i've said how i'm one the last single girls of my friends. well not anymore. kinda. this fall is going to be awesome. i know your dying to hear why. let me tell you.

Reason #1:
PB&J is finally getting her very own apartment. living by herself! i don't really know how this effects me having girlfriends but it's a big step for her and we were talking about it last night and i'm so excited and happy for her! Yay for women living on their own!

Reason #2:
My friend Shiba is husband-less this fall. only cause he decided to go to Italy for the KSU architecture program (lucky bastard). anyways, this is where the more girlfriends really comes to focus. she's the hostess of our group. throwing awesome new years parties, organizing tailgates and having PB&J and myself over for dinner and a movie, oh and a bottle of wine.

we sat around her cute kitchen. talked, ate and drank. and let me just say...OMG it was so good. i haven't had a meal like that in a million years. there was an awesome salad, but i was too hungry to take a picture of it.

after dinner we migrated to the living room to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic on her 63" highdef flat screen tv. it was awesome. if only we could get some Bradley Cooper or Michael Vartan up on that beeotch i will have died and gone to heaven.

hopefully her hospitality will make an appearance every week. Oh and lets not forget the fact that PB&J picked me up and Shiba let me do a load of laundry!

Reason #3:
Fall indoor kickball starts in less than two weeks! some of my old lady friends are back on the team. for instance, my friend Margherita. her fiance is in DC doing lawyerly things. so she too is living the single life. when she was asked to be on my kickball team she gladly excepted! so come monday nights some hot ladies will be running around mulberry's kickballing the night away...well at least till 9, gotsta get in some gossip girl!

so the fact that my friends are living the single life i feel like i'll be force to do my hair (after i decide how to get it cut) dress all fancy, and probably put on my dancing shoes every other week...but i am definitely not complaining. i need a good dose of estrogen!

thanks again for the awesome meal shiba! keep them coming!

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