Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hair today

She was what we used to call a suicide blonde – dyed by her own hand.
– Saul Bellow


so my hair is getting annoying. i'm shedding in in the shower lik
e its my job (the hair on my head, please remove yourself from the gutters).

to be honest i love my hair, not many girls say that. i love the way it smells. i can wear it almost any way, straight (depending on humidity), curly, short, long, with bangs...

i've had a range of hair hair (in college, sadly i can't find any pictures of it.)
i've had the blonde bob, long and straight, and i've even gone dark brown (not a good look if you don't do your eyebrows too).

Hair at one of its short points
(Ryan, Biljana and Me after a turning in a typography project in college)

Blonde bob. I was actually cutting this myself
(me and Selders blowing at an AIGA student event)

Hair at its almost longest
(don't mind the hottness that is PB&J and Anderson)

Short, curly and with bangs!
(me and PB&J in Chicago for the Kanye concert)

i've even donated my hair to locks of love. but i don't know if it ever made it...the guy cutting my hair seemed to think he knew what he was talking about.

anyways. the end of summer is upon us and i feel the need for a hair change. it might be as simple as a trim, but i need some advice. do i go short again? do i go super short? do i grow it out longer?
i'd like to keep my natural blonde explains so much.

i'm an active young professional (how long am i aloud to say "young professional?") so being able to pull it back is an added bonus, plus having longer hair means i don't HAVE to wash it everyday.

so let me know what you think...what were some of your favorite/no-so-favorite hair styles???

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