Thursday, September 24, 2009


Never ruin an apology with an excuse. 
– Kimberly Johnson


i want to start off by saying i'm sorry.
i'm sorry for not posting something sooner.
i'm sorry for not being a great blogger.
i'm sorry to the girl at Constantino's for taking the last of the soy sauce for my sushi.
i'm sorry.

those two words can make a situation so much easier to deal with.

i went to happy hour a little while ago with the plum, PB&J, lzone and some others. and we played this awesome game...Revelations. someone picks a topic i.e. biggest pet peeve and you go around the table talking about your pet peeve. mine was when people put toilet paper or paper towels going under instead of going over.

i actually wrote a post about pet peeves but only dealing with running/riding outside.

anyways, today marks the day when the TP/PT pet peeve moves down to number two. sorry TP.

what takes first place you may ask?
not apologizing.

i am a very avid believer of wo/manning-up when you screw up.
and it has to be sincere, not one of those "i'm saying sorry because my mom is making me". i probably say it too much and lessen the apology all together...which is never my intention.

but this revelation didn't happen because someone didn't say i'm sorry. its because someone did. this afternoon i went to Constantino's to grab a quick lunch. as i was walking back and approaching west 9th and st. clair a white POS car pulls up the st. clair hill. clearly blocking the crosswalk lane *grumble*

i had my big sunglasses on so i don't think they were able to see the disgust in my eye. the two men in the car looked over and saw me approaching, realized what they had done and promptly went in reverse to give me ample room to cross the street. as i approached two words came out of the drivers mouth.

so sorry.

i smile, nodded and crossed.
that, i think, might've made my day.

as i walked back to my office i started to think of all the times that people should've said i'm sorry and how much easier, nicer, warm and fuzzier i would've felt. instead, it makes me hate them even more...and i'm really not a hater. just wo/man-up!

PS. i love watching degrassi and hearing them say "sorry" those canadians are soooo funny!

do you say sorry, too much, not enough or never?

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