Tuesday, September 15, 2009

walk of shame...

I'm always looking for meaningful one night stands.
– Dudley Moore


So everyone kno
ws the walk of shame. i had one of these...in the middl
e of Sunday afternoon.

It was like my worst college nightmare. i get all dolled up
wearing my signed josh cribbs jersey, browns necklace, orange knee high socks and my "tailgate" hat. I have my friend Shiba pick me up and we go to the party at 6:45AM. we do a little crowd surfing to find the best parking spot to call our own and we set up our little nook of a tailgate. while our other friends show up fashionably late we eat some sandwiches, have some beers, do some delicious pudding shots and request songs to the DJ. as time passes we need to switch locations we chug another beer and do another ShotSki and say our slurred goodbyes and make unkept promises of meeting up at the bar. this is where i regret my choice. i go home with the cute boy that i've been oogling after.

I go home. Home to Cleveland Browns Stadium hand in hand with Josh Cribbs. We have a blast together! one of my bestest friends Shiba sees how he treats me and is in awe! the girls around me want to be me and the boys just want me. but my heart is solely for mr. cribbs. He even does 67-yard punt return for a touchdown that i feel is dedicated to me! there is laughing, high fiving and hugs galore!

Then half time hits and the night is over. josh and i pass out...holding each other in our arms and dreaming of the Awesomeness that is Cleveland. and
then like an annoying alarm clock, the game is over...i stumble around trying to find shiba and walk back to her car. smelling like booze hanging my head in shame.

this was my walk of shame Sunday afternoon. but no matter how humiliated i feel making that walk i will do it for every home browns game. i am a fan, i bleed brown and orange. and i love josh cribbs.
once i got back to my house i checked my phone to see all the inappropriate things i texted to friends and family. another shameful moment in my life.

however, i am not going to end this post on a negative note.

After the humiliation passed from the Browns loss, PB&J and i went to melt with RKelly and had a delicious sunday meal. And on Saturday the beginning of Cleveland Plays Co-Ed football started. the team i'm on, Seduce and Destroy, won!!! We beat the Misfit Toys 38-36 (i think). i even had a touchdown the second play of the game. so even though the browns lost i still had a winning weekend.

PB&J and me at Treehouse celebrating out win!

PB&J and me the Muni Lot Morning Warriors Tailgate!

Me and Shiba at the game.

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