Wednesday, September 16, 2009

you've got mail

The internet is just a world passing around noes in a classroom.
– Jon Stewart


The other day i'm at work and i recieved this awesome package from karate jon. and i got to thinking. i never send letters anymore, and i hardly send cards. i used to have a pen pal from canada...i think we met in a chat room on AIM. then we found eachother on facebook, i believe she's getting married. (i know i'm weird, but whateves) but the only thing i mail anymore is a bill or two (yea for e-billing and going green!) and maybe a mothers/fathers day card if i know i wont see them.

but for the most part i do all my communicating via the interwebs. i hardly use my phone. for example last months bill i used 80 minutes of my 700 shared minutes. my mom, grandma and i are on a family plan. Yes, i'm a good daughter and added them to my plan.

however, i used 110 text messages, 413 Mobile to Mobile texts and 21 pix messages. so i text more than i talk. i hate talking (says the girl who got most talkative in highschool). but i love communicating!

but even worse i hate leaving/checking voice mails. i see you called you obviously need to tell me something i might need to respond, so let me just call you back. (i swear i have that same convo with my dad all the time). why would i want to check a message to see that you called just to call you back to tell you something?!?

anyways...i'm digressing from what i really wanted to talk about...IMing. I have an AIM. I have FB IM that i am logged into all day, and sometimes all night. Hello! How else am i suppose to facebook stalk. i kid, i kid.

i'm usually only on IM at work cause i use it for work. WHAT?!? My office is sweet, sometimes someone is on a conference call and i need to know how many comps are needed for the 3 o'clock meeting or need to know if that image is approved for re-touching or i need to know who's going out for happy hour. We're allowed to use it. and facebook is good for social media along with twitter. its nice to see all the interesting and creative websites that others are tweeting and blogging about...

i was thinking how much i text at work. and surprising its not that much. today, i only sent out two texts. if i'm making lunch plans there might be more. but usually under 5 a day. but today marks a special day in txt and pix'ing.

i got a pix message from an unnamed co-worker while we were in the same building not more that 100ish feet from each other. this is the convo that took place:

co-worker: You won't believe what I just found in my desk drawer.
co-worker: I'll snap a pic and text you.
a few seconds later i get the pix message on my phone.
me: OMG, too funny!

now maybe co-worker was on a conference call and was bursting at the seams and couldn't wait to show me. or maybe it was such a good tell that they decided that those few moments that it took to send the pix was the right amount of dramatic pause that was needed.

i think it wouldn't have been as funny is they would've called me, or even if i was there in person for them to show me what they found...the pix was the perfect way for them to tell this story.

on a side note, i love when co-workers post things on facebook and we all comment about them even if we are only a few feet away. it brings a nice camaraderie feel to the interwebs.

how many txt, pix, tweets do you send out? have you ever gotten them from someone right next to you? this does not count sexting...we've all gotten some of those ;)

PS. Direct Message me if you want to see the pic my co-worker sent me.


  1. god i hate checking voicemails as well. i have a love hate relationship with talking on the phone, sometimes there's nothing better than a long phone call and sometimes i hit ignore more than the average girl.

    now email? gchat? twitter? texting?

    that's the kind of things i can get into.

  2. Alexa – i hope you remembered all your texts from Sunday...i, sadly, had to delete mine...i hate how my phone has a 100 text were too funny. hopefully we can hang out next tailgate!

  3. Get more creative in your communication.

    A while back I texted Danger Dan and had him deliver the message to Walex.