Thursday, October 1, 2009

dolla dolla bill yall

Cash rules everything around me.
– Wyclef Jean


Yes. i quoted Wyclef.

anyways. i'm working on a rather interesting post, but its not ready.
so in the mean time i'll just let everyone know that i spent some money.

a few bucks at Michaels Craft, mainly for yarn for a new scarf!
a few more bucks at Jo-Anne Fabrics for my halloween costume and some more yarn for another scarf!
and almost $50 on two new t-shirts at CLE Clothing Company

t-shirts? really? yes.
these two amazing shirts.

 This one i plan on wearing to Chicago next weekend for the plum herself, and for the marathon.
(i wonder how many peeps will say something)

this one i plan on wearing to the home opener.
(i don't have tickets yet, but i look good as arm candy if you need a date)

oh, and they found Delonte! hooray! the championship season can start!!!

talk soon cyber peeps!

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  1. cash rules everything around me is actually Wu Tang Clan. get with it. C.R.E.A.M.