Wednesday, October 14, 2009

will run for cheers! (part one)

Poop if you gotta.
– Spectator's Sign At The 2009 Chicago Marathon 


here is a little run down (pun intended) of this past weekend for those who didn't see pics on twitter...

Saturday morning PB&J and i landed at Midway airport all excited for the weekend. we had a beer while we waited for Jen's parents to pick us up. Midway airport is really fun for people watching!

we go straight to the expo. picking up our bibs and chips was a piece of cake. getting our shirts and baggies was maybe a 15 minute wait. when we saw the weather was going to be 32º we decided to buy some neon yellow gloves and hats. it was an awesome expo. we could've easily spent tons of money and time walking around.

me and PB&J with our bibs! Go Plum!

we decided to go downtown and get some Big Bowl for lunch. YUM! and walk around Michigan Ave. PB&J bought a super cute dress from XXI and we went to Nike Town. Nike was a big sponsor for the race which was awesome.

they had this wall outside of the store. everyone's name was on it who was registered for the race! it was so crazy! oh, and inside the store they had free photos where you write your "magic number" (ie your bib number, qualifying time, birthday, whatever). so PB&J and i took a pic.

after that we decided to go back to the hotel, organized all our stuff for the next morning and made some last minute decisions on transportation. PB&J's parents ran over to KMart and picked us up some bananas and "throw-away pants" (thanks!). we went to Mama Luigi's for dinner and carb loaded, along with a nice glass of Cab. in bed and asleep by 10...

...alarm goes off at 4:30am. on the El by 5:30. downtown by 6:30. i think the weather channel said there was a wind chill of 24º. it was so cold we couldn't stretch without twitching. We stop to take a pic of our pace group and sat and waited. Of all the thousands of people running this race, my friend Greg walked by while we were sitting. He was running for Team Fox to support Parkinson's.

At 7:30 the place erupted in cheers. the race started. runners were throwing all sorts of clothes toward the side. then 20 minutes later we cross the starting line.

it was so surreal. so how did we do? what was my favorite and least favorite part? stay tuned. part two coming up shortly.

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  1. this is so exciting!!! and im glad you rocked the plum shirt in the chi