Tuesday, October 27, 2009

worst blogger ever...

You can't teach people to be lazy – either they have it, or they don't.– Dagwood Bumstead quotes 


i don't even know where to begin. 

when i realized that my last blog took place in chicago i realize how long ago that was. sorry. i'm finally walking normal, however i haven't run since the race...well minus a few football games and some touch downs!

anyways...so after the race i had to celebrate birthdays...happy birthday dad! i was hoping to get in one more round of golf, but the weather was crap. then my brother turned 26 and jon and i went to the first bar in Reminderville.

Yes i grew up in a village. and actually my dad was mayor for almost 10 years! bet you didn't know that.

then i had an engagement party for my friend Jess! it was champaign and cupcakes! who doesn't love that! Congrats Jess and Eric!!! 

so much more happened...and i don't have pics to tell you about it. sad face.

weekend: engagement parties, house warming parties, meet the parents, interviewed with C.L.E. Clothing Co. for holiday help, family dinner for mike, saw where the wild things are, watched the browns loose. :(

week: won kickball game, went to the Tremont Taphouse Yappy Hour with Bagley, found out i got the job with C.L.E., decided what to be for my work halloween party, took a 1/4 day and went to Wendy Park with Bagley, work halloween party!

weekend: won football and had 2 touchdowns, took a brief nap, Hatchel's 30th birthday party, meet up with some old friend on West 6th, saw a bunch of douche bags, went tailgating, went to the browns game, went home for dinner and laundry.

week: won kickball! watching the cavs home opener somewhere downtown.

here are some pics to satisfy everyone. sorry for such the crappy re-cap. i just couldn't have my next blog be about chicago. i'm a CLE girl!!!

mike, claudia, me and jon

bagley, his tongue, the cuyahoga, and CLE at wendy park

scary pic of US Coast Guard building at Wendy Park

AJP, Hatchel and me

Kerry, Amy and me (not pictured: D-bags)

JV, Jon, me and AJP tailgating in the awesome Muni-Lot

Hope you guys have a great weekend. i swear monday wednesday i'll have a post of this coming halloween weekend. I'll be in Chi-town for halloween parties and Browns/Bears awesomeness!

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