Monday, November 30, 2009

Reunion Recap

The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Alphonse Karr 


This past weekend was a crazy one. there was the usual, Get Smashed Wednesday, followed by Hangover/Stuff Your Face Thursday, Black Friday where i worked 5 – 1:30 and the Highlight of the long weekend...Class of 1999 Reunion on Saturday!

All morning and afternoon I was going back and forth...nervous and excited. thinking, will it be weird if i walk in by myself? should i wear that dress with those shoes? should i bring a flask? who's gonna be there? will i remember everyone? will people remember me??? okay not so much of the last one...i'm kinda memorable...i mean i had to have two extra inserts of blank pages in my year book for people to sign! yeah, just like Melissa Joan Hart in Can't Hardly Wait.

Before i get into the details that i remember, i just want to say that Erin, Katie and Jenn did such an amazing job putting this together, Ricky did an awesome job DJing and everyone who made it, thank you for making it so much fun!!!!

This being my first high school reunion i noticed there are two types of reunion-goers...the people that want to reminisce and the people that want to prove something....we'll call them the remies and the provers...brilliant right? i was a remy. i wanted to talk about Mr. Lally's class, i wanted to talk about the 4th grade play, i wanted to talk about the parties, the fights, the football games...i wanted to hear stories that i forgot about. i mean it's great that people are married, have great careers, have kids, found happiness, or are still figuring it out, but i wanted memories. i just hope i wasn't too cold to anyone...

 and then there were the provers...the classmates that came to brag, to flaunt thier stuff...i'm surprise business cards weren't passed around...however, i did brag...about my kickball championship! and i made sure to leave my business cards at did cross my mind. 

but i wanted to take a trip down memory lane, and with the slide show, the music and the awesomeness that is the Twinsburg/Chamberlin Class of was an awesome trip. too bad we didn't all have matching hats like D.C. trip. and all the spouses and pictures of kids, and talks about the past, present and future really got me thinking how old we're getting. i mean the next time i'll see some of those faces will be 2019...omg i just typed in 2019.

Here is my little Best/Worse of the reunion...

best part of the night: the group picture.
worst part of the night: saying goodbye.
best accessory of the night: the mom wallets.
worst accessory of the night: high heals.
best party foul: getting hit on by a bus-boy.
worst party foul: perry dropping his drink on my shoes during the electric slide. hehehehe.

To the people who said "the people i want to see i still keep in touch" you missed out on some awesome memories. and to everyone who just couldn't get home to see friends and family i hope you make it next time.

Twinsburg/Chamberlin Class of 1999

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bragging Rights

If you done it, it ain't bragging.
– Walt Whitman 


the Restless Natives have finally won a kickball championship! 

it's been a while since our last championship...i can't even remember.
but this year...the Restless Natives, in third place, surpassed the second place team and run-ruled the first place team!

it was such sweet victory! and here are some of the highlights...

Jess: first base girl, got a double play!
JV: far right field babe, had some on target kicks!
Jeremy: right field stud, had a few awesome on the floor catches and kicks!
Jen Page: second base chica, had a record night of catching outs at second!
Maggie: all round fielder hot mama, had awesome kicks and base running!

Carmen: shortstop ball magnet, had some close catches and assisted Jen Page in her outs at second base.
Wes: kick ass third baseman, almost took Carmen's head off and had some pretty sweet plays at third.
J-Ho: left field sticky fingers, had awesome base running and some unbelievable catches!
Me: deep center, had the game winning catch!

Afterward we went upstairs of Mulberry's to have a few too many celebratory drinks! John, the owner of Cleveland Play's, was there and he had our Championship Sweatshirts!!! (expect for maggies, he ran out of smalls. sad face.)

But not only did we win the championship we had some awesome spectators watch our awesomeness too!

a special thanks to: Travis, Nikki and Heidi of the VBB!!!
and a big shout out to: Sam, Randy and his wife, Adam P, Tom P, Tiffany O and Optiems client Dawn from ET!!!!

we'll be defending our title in winter kickball starting in a few weeks!

i hope everyone enjoys the awesome holiday weekend! i'll see all you Twinsburg Tigers out tonight and Saturday for our 10-Year Reunion!

be safe!

Back: Carmen, Me, Wes, J-Ho, Jeremy
Front: JV, Jen Page, Maggie, Jess

Friday, November 20, 2009


He who does not feel me is not real to me, therefore he does not exist. So, poof... vamoose, son of a bitch.
– Jay-Z 


okay. i'm not gonna lie.
i am not a music buff.
i didn't know who AC/DC was till college.
i didn't know flea was the name of the bassist of Red Hot Chili Peppers.
i don't know what HOVA stands for.

my friends that know un-godly amounts of music trivia kinda freak me out.
i get intimidated. i know nothing. i just smile and nod.

so when i get to flaunt the small bit of musical knowledge that i know, watch out.
i will totally rub it in your face. take for example last night.

jon and i had an awesome date night which consisted of sushi rock and then barley house/map room to meet up with some of my lady friends. we then decided to drive to bike night at Now That's Class (yes, i wanted to drive. jon wanted to ride) i looked too cute to ride my bike anywhere.

so on the ride there its a given i have Blueprint III in my CD player. so we start talking about which songs are better and we get into a discussion about which came first Jigga What or 99 Problems...and i knew for a fact that Jigga was first...duh, i used to say it (in my head) all the time in the halls at high school...and i knew 99 was when i was in college...but since we didn't have any proof (or internet access) we decided to consult the next best Jay-Z expert.

My brother. MIKE! (who is totally freaking awesome)
so i called him and asked and i was right. yippy! in your face jon!

i wish i wouldn't have celebrated so much...because it turned into much more...
so while we're standing at the bar at Class i get a text from my brother and it snowballs into Jay-Z Jeopardy... 

Mike: Multiple choice Jay-Z has how many solo albums?
A. 12 B. 8 C. 15 D. 10
Response: Lara: B. 8 Jon: D. 10 

Mike: Good job jon! 10 is the correct answer! And for the daily double Alex, here it is...True or False? Jay-Z put together the full sound track for the 2007 motion picture "American Gangster"
(now in my head i kept thinking of Gangs of New York...i never saw American Gangster)
Response: Lara: false Jon: True 

Mike: Jon's on a roll, it's True! Last one, Jay-Z did two calaboration albums with which 2 artists?

now, he called me and gave me the answer...i want you kiddies to let me know what you google'ing or bing'ing or itunes'ing...let me know your answers!!!

have a great weekend!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Let the spending begin!

Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping. 
– Bo Derek 


I was recently hired for a part time job to get me through the holidays. Starting Saturday I'll be working at Strongsville mall at a kiosk.

what will i be selling?
only the coolest Cleveland t-shirts ever!

yep, i got hired by C.L.E. Clothing Co.
The kiosk is there every day till January, however my smiling face will only be there on the weekends.

there are some great shirts printed on American Apparel and they're all about supporting Cleveland!

it's been a while since I've worked retail, so we'll see how it goes. i used to be awesome at selling roller-blades while i worked at Koenigs...yeah, it's been that long.

so this weekend if your out starting your holiday shopping...stop by, chit-chat and I'll sell you some of the awesome shirts.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

picky petunia

As a child my family's menu consisted of two choices: take it or leave it. – Buddy Hackett 


Picky Petunia. 

That's the new nick name i got this past weekend. thanks jon. i guess anything is better than rape legs.

i know I'm KIND of a picky eater...but its really not that bad. its quite simple, i don't like spicy stuff and i don't like my tongue to be on fire.

i can find something to eat on any menu. however...if we're talking about Mexican, it might be a little harder. especially when there is tongue and brain on the menu.

yes, TONGUE and BRAIN.

on sunday, after drinking all day for the Browns/Bears game we came back to Amy and Gregs to order some Mexican. i got something simple, Cheese quesadilla and chips and guac. Jon and Greg on the other hand...i gag just thinking about it.

Jon got something with brain on it, and Greg got tongue. Brain and Tongue. Cow brain and Cow tongue!

the craziest thing i've ever eaten would probably be alligator was in key west when i was little...however, i think it was a trick...can you really eat alligator soup? i'm pretty sure they're endangered. and i'm pretty sure it was just chicken.

so what crazy things have you eaten?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

chi-town weekend recap

Oh Shit!
– Chicago graffiti tag 


How time literally flies when you're having fun.
Despite driving 5.5 hours to Chicago, adjusting to CDT, then adjusting to CST, and finally driving 5.5 hours back to EST...the gained and lost hours were totally worth it...

Friday: I did not get lost driving to my friend Amy's. Jon and i only listened to the Jay-Z album 1.5 times. and at one point my left hand went numb front the white knuckle driving i had to go through. i hate driving in the rain at night. Hate it. Beer and awesome conversation proceeded once we finally got unloaded and settled.

Saturday: finished up my Halloween costume. Jon and i brought our bikes and the weather was perfect for riding around Chicago. We went downtown around Michigan ave., got yelled at for riding our bikes in Millennium park, took pics by the big bean, got some Chicago hot dogs, got a Chicago bike map (no offense, but i was kinda disappointed. Pittsburgh's is way better.) We then headed north to Buck-town to see my friends Katie and Natalie. there was this bar by their place that had a petting zoo. yes, goats, pigs, ducks and Chicago.

Jon on his bike with John Hancock in the background

 graffiti tag that's all around Amy & Greg's neighborhood

billy goats gruff  

Halloween: Jon and i had two parties to go to. a zombie party hosted by Mike and Aminda...they dressed up as Sunny and Cher as zombies. other fun costumes consisted of: Legends of the Hidden Temple; 3 girls dressed as the Purple, Red and Blue train routes; and some lady carrying around a stuffed skunk. then we headed to a house party...there was swine flu; kat von d, lady gaga, donatella versace, and karl lagerfeld to name a few. Surprisingly we left at our designated midnight curfew. and i took a nap in the taxi on the way home.

Greg & Amy (Mad Hatter & Alice)

Jon & Me (He-Man & She-Ra)

The stuffed skunk

Lady Gaga, Donatella & Karl

Sunday: woke up at 6am to Amy calling us bitches (hehehe). got up and out the door by 7am (i think). found our tailgate by 7:45 and started to enjoy the $25 all you can eat and drink. We walked around the parking lot, and it kinda sucked compared to Muni-Lot tailgating. there was no music. a few corn-hole games and hardly any Bears Tents. The Muni-Lot Morning Warriors will be proud to know that i represented. i bonged a beer, made friends with some Bears fans and made sure that Bears fans knew Browns fans were bigger tailgaters! Out of the 6 of us going to the game 4 of us were browns fans. i totally enjoyed being the minority fan. trying to explain a "brown" to a bears fan was like convincing lady gaga to wear pants. we did have a fun conversation with some bears fans that Browns fans do exists...."we're like urban unicorns" hence the pictures with our hands on our foreheads...

Kathy, Brian, Amy, Me, Greg & Jon. We totally got our $25 worth!

Browns fans are rare in Chicago, just like unicorns

Solider Field: Yes there is a UFO attached to the upper section of the stadium and yes that's where the 4 browns fans sat. it was fun. the bears fans around us were pretty nice. although i had to get inappropriate at some points. I even told a kid Santa didn't exist (only cause he was heckling me first) he said he already knew that...then i apologized (i really felt bad). his dad or uncle or guardian thought it was hilarious and tried to get us to hug. which i was all about, but this little guy was a true bears fan, not even a high five. oh, and he was probably like 10. After i dropped my phone in Amy's beer, we made more unicorn remarks, the bears block our extra point and we lost, it was time to go. finding the Jon and Greg, who sat in the better seats, wasn't that hard. the nap in the cab on the way home was nice. we napped some more, ordered some Mexican and watched the Hangover. what a perfect end to an awesome weekend.

pre phone-in-beer. Go Browns!

Amy and Greg were perfect hosts. the sticky-buns, apple pie and Christmas ale that we brought didn't hurt either! and nothing sucks more than leaving Chicago with another Browns loss. I'm glad i got to see all my Chicago friends and even make a few new ones.

Kathy and Amy, yes you can keep me. i need to be fed at least twice a day and be taken to the bars on a weekly basis. other than that I'm pretty low maintenance.

Until next time Chicago.

How was everyone's Halloween weekend?!?

NOTE: if you are ever in Chicago and looking for a Bears Tailgate the Fork You Tailgating Club is by far the best deal! DO IT!