Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bragging Rights

If you done it, it ain't bragging.
– Walt Whitman 


the Restless Natives have finally won a kickball championship! 

it's been a while since our last championship...i can't even remember.
but this year...the Restless Natives, in third place, surpassed the second place team and run-ruled the first place team!

it was such sweet victory! and here are some of the highlights...

Jess: first base girl, got a double play!
JV: far right field babe, had some on target kicks!
Jeremy: right field stud, had a few awesome on the floor catches and kicks!
Jen Page: second base chica, had a record night of catching outs at second!
Maggie: all round fielder hot mama, had awesome kicks and base running!

Carmen: shortstop ball magnet, had some close catches and assisted Jen Page in her outs at second base.
Wes: kick ass third baseman, almost took Carmen's head off and had some pretty sweet plays at third.
J-Ho: left field sticky fingers, had awesome base running and some unbelievable catches!
Me: deep center, had the game winning catch!

Afterward we went upstairs of Mulberry's to have a few too many celebratory drinks! John, the owner of Cleveland Play's, was there and he had our Championship Sweatshirts!!! (expect for maggies, he ran out of smalls. sad face.)

But not only did we win the championship we had some awesome spectators watch our awesomeness too!

a special thanks to: Travis, Nikki and Heidi of the VBB!!!
and a big shout out to: Sam, Randy and his wife, Adam P, Tom P, Tiffany O and Optiems client Dawn from ET!!!!

we'll be defending our title in winter kickball starting in a few weeks!

i hope everyone enjoys the awesome holiday weekend! i'll see all you Twinsburg Tigers out tonight and Saturday for our 10-Year Reunion!

be safe!

Back: Carmen, Me, Wes, J-Ho, Jeremy
Front: JV, Jen Page, Maggie, Jess


  1. I heard they are replaying the game on ESPN Classic tomorrow.

  2. "If you can do it, it ain't braggin" has also been attributed to Dizzy Dean, who, if nothing else, had a better fastball than Walt Whitman.