Tuesday, November 3, 2009

chi-town weekend recap

Oh Shit!
– Chicago graffiti tag 


How time literally flies when you're having fun.
Despite driving 5.5 hours to Chicago, adjusting to CDT, then adjusting to CST, and finally driving 5.5 hours back to EST...the gained and lost hours were totally worth it...

Friday: I did not get lost driving to my friend Amy's. Jon and i only listened to the Jay-Z album 1.5 times. and at one point my left hand went numb front the white knuckle driving i had to go through. i hate driving in the rain at night. Hate it. Beer and awesome conversation proceeded once we finally got unloaded and settled.

Saturday: finished up my Halloween costume. Jon and i brought our bikes and the weather was perfect for riding around Chicago. We went downtown around Michigan ave., got yelled at for riding our bikes in Millennium park, took pics by the big bean, got some Chicago hot dogs, got a Chicago bike map (no offense, but i was kinda disappointed. Pittsburgh's is way better.) We then headed north to Buck-town to see my friends Katie and Natalie. there was this bar by their place that had a petting zoo. yes, goats, pigs, ducks and sheep...in Chicago.

Jon on his bike with John Hancock in the background

 graffiti tag that's all around Amy & Greg's neighborhood

billy goats gruff  

Halloween: Jon and i had two parties to go to. a zombie party hosted by Mike and Aminda...they dressed up as Sunny and Cher as zombies. other fun costumes consisted of: Legends of the Hidden Temple; 3 girls dressed as the Purple, Red and Blue train routes; and some lady carrying around a stuffed skunk. then we headed to a house party...there was swine flu; kat von d, lady gaga, donatella versace, and karl lagerfeld to name a few. Surprisingly we left at our designated midnight curfew. and i took a nap in the taxi on the way home.

Greg & Amy (Mad Hatter & Alice)

Jon & Me (He-Man & She-Ra)

The stuffed skunk

Lady Gaga, Donatella & Karl

Sunday: woke up at 6am to Amy calling us bitches (hehehe). got up and out the door by 7am (i think). found our tailgate by 7:45 and started to enjoy the $25 all you can eat and drink. We walked around the parking lot, and it kinda sucked compared to Muni-Lot tailgating. there was no music. a few corn-hole games and hardly any Bears Tents. The Muni-Lot Morning Warriors will be proud to know that i represented. i bonged a beer, made friends with some Bears fans and made sure that Bears fans knew Browns fans were bigger tailgaters! Out of the 6 of us going to the game 4 of us were browns fans. i totally enjoyed being the minority fan. trying to explain a "brown" to a bears fan was like convincing lady gaga to wear pants. we did have a fun conversation with some bears fans that Browns fans do exists...."we're like urban legends...like unicorns" hence the pictures with our hands on our foreheads...

Kathy, Brian, Amy, Me, Greg & Jon. We totally got our $25 worth!

Browns fans are rare in Chicago, just like unicorns

Solider Field: Yes there is a UFO attached to the upper section of the stadium and yes that's where the 4 browns fans sat. it was fun. the bears fans around us were pretty nice. although i had to get inappropriate at some points. I even told a kid Santa didn't exist (only cause he was heckling me first) he said he already knew that...then i apologized (i really felt bad). his dad or uncle or guardian thought it was hilarious and tried to get us to hug. which i was all about, but this little guy was a true bears fan, not even a high five. oh, and he was probably like 10. After i dropped my phone in Amy's beer, we made more unicorn remarks, the bears block our extra point and we lost, it was time to go. finding the Jon and Greg, who sat in the better seats, wasn't that hard. the nap in the cab on the way home was nice. we napped some more, ordered some Mexican and watched the Hangover. what a perfect end to an awesome weekend.

pre phone-in-beer. Go Browns!

Amy and Greg were perfect hosts. the sticky-buns, apple pie and Christmas ale that we brought didn't hurt either! and nothing sucks more than leaving Chicago with another Browns loss. I'm glad i got to see all my Chicago friends and even make a few new ones.

Kathy and Amy, yes you can keep me. i need to be fed at least twice a day and be taken to the bars on a weekly basis. other than that I'm pretty low maintenance.

Until next time Chicago.

How was everyone's Halloween weekend?!?

NOTE: if you are ever in Chicago and looking for a Bears Tailgate the Fork You Tailgating Club is by far the best deal! DO IT!

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