Friday, November 20, 2009


He who does not feel me is not real to me, therefore he does not exist. So, poof... vamoose, son of a bitch.
– Jay-Z 


okay. i'm not gonna lie.
i am not a music buff.
i didn't know who AC/DC was till college.
i didn't know flea was the name of the bassist of Red Hot Chili Peppers.
i don't know what HOVA stands for.

my friends that know un-godly amounts of music trivia kinda freak me out.
i get intimidated. i know nothing. i just smile and nod.

so when i get to flaunt the small bit of musical knowledge that i know, watch out.
i will totally rub it in your face. take for example last night.

jon and i had an awesome date night which consisted of sushi rock and then barley house/map room to meet up with some of my lady friends. we then decided to drive to bike night at Now That's Class (yes, i wanted to drive. jon wanted to ride) i looked too cute to ride my bike anywhere.

so on the ride there its a given i have Blueprint III in my CD player. so we start talking about which songs are better and we get into a discussion about which came first Jigga What or 99 Problems...and i knew for a fact that Jigga was first...duh, i used to say it (in my head) all the time in the halls at high school...and i knew 99 was when i was in college...but since we didn't have any proof (or internet access) we decided to consult the next best Jay-Z expert.

My brother. MIKE! (who is totally freaking awesome)
so i called him and asked and i was right. yippy! in your face jon!

i wish i wouldn't have celebrated so much...because it turned into much more...
so while we're standing at the bar at Class i get a text from my brother and it snowballs into Jay-Z Jeopardy... 

Mike: Multiple choice Jay-Z has how many solo albums?
A. 12 B. 8 C. 15 D. 10
Response: Lara: B. 8 Jon: D. 10 

Mike: Good job jon! 10 is the correct answer! And for the daily double Alex, here it is...True or False? Jay-Z put together the full sound track for the 2007 motion picture "American Gangster"
(now in my head i kept thinking of Gangs of New York...i never saw American Gangster)
Response: Lara: false Jon: True 

Mike: Jon's on a roll, it's True! Last one, Jay-Z did two calaboration albums with which 2 artists?

now, he called me and gave me the answer...i want you kiddies to let me know what you google'ing or bing'ing or itunes'ing...let me know your answers!!!

have a great weekend!


  1. My favorite album was and will always be In My Lifetime Vol 1.

  2. perhaps i would have made it to maproom if i knew jay z was involved... :)