Wednesday, November 4, 2009

picky petunia

As a child my family's menu consisted of two choices: take it or leave it. – Buddy Hackett 


Picky Petunia. 

That's the new nick name i got this past weekend. thanks jon. i guess anything is better than rape legs.

i know I'm KIND of a picky eater...but its really not that bad. its quite simple, i don't like spicy stuff and i don't like my tongue to be on fire.

i can find something to eat on any menu. however...if we're talking about Mexican, it might be a little harder. especially when there is tongue and brain on the menu.

yes, TONGUE and BRAIN.

on sunday, after drinking all day for the Browns/Bears game we came back to Amy and Gregs to order some Mexican. i got something simple, Cheese quesadilla and chips and guac. Jon and Greg on the other hand...i gag just thinking about it.

Jon got something with brain on it, and Greg got tongue. Brain and Tongue. Cow brain and Cow tongue!

the craziest thing i've ever eaten would probably be alligator was in key west when i was little...however, i think it was a trick...can you really eat alligator soup? i'm pretty sure they're endangered. and i'm pretty sure it was just chicken.

so what crazy things have you eaten?


  1. Hahaha rape legs! It never get's old. Picky Petunia sounds like a name Karate Jon would give someone.

    Aligator is not endangered but it is tasty. Had some last time I was in NOLA. I think I amy be the polar opposite of picky. I'll try just about anything. Until you try it, how can you know you dont like it? frogs, snails, snake, buffalo, wild boar, ,deer, osterich, eel, it's all tasty! You gotta live a little Lara. Next time, wait to be disgusted until after you try it. You might be surprised.

    They wouldn't serve it if people didn't eat it and they can't all be eating it on a dare.

  2. I've eaten foie gras, chicken livers, lamb heart, sweetbreads, bone marrow. Also ate some super weird fish varieties in Venice, Italy. That's all that comes to mind. Don't be afraid to try new things.

  3. Ang, if it wasn't for you and tim i would've never tried sushi!

  4. I was there...the brain looked gross...even my cat wouldn't eat it.
    I've had sweetbreads, foie gras (which was illegal to sell in Chicago for a while...most ridiculous law ever made), and a few other gross things...but the brain was the grossest thing I've ever seen.
    But Lara is a picky petunia....

  5. things i've eaten: dog, snake, snake blood in clear liquor, frog (a few different kinds), donkey, duck blood soup, alligator, ostrich, chicken hearts, sea urchin, mountain fungus, and many other things i put in my mouth i didn't know what it was. brian is right, try it before you're grossed out. the brain wasn't very appetizing, but tongue tacos are actually pretty good. it just tastes like brisket.

  6. and you are too that picky