Monday, November 30, 2009

Reunion Recap

The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Alphonse Karr 


This past weekend was a crazy one. there was the usual, Get Smashed Wednesday, followed by Hangover/Stuff Your Face Thursday, Black Friday where i worked 5 – 1:30 and the Highlight of the long weekend...Class of 1999 Reunion on Saturday!

All morning and afternoon I was going back and forth...nervous and excited. thinking, will it be weird if i walk in by myself? should i wear that dress with those shoes? should i bring a flask? who's gonna be there? will i remember everyone? will people remember me??? okay not so much of the last one...i'm kinda memorable...i mean i had to have two extra inserts of blank pages in my year book for people to sign! yeah, just like Melissa Joan Hart in Can't Hardly Wait.

Before i get into the details that i remember, i just want to say that Erin, Katie and Jenn did such an amazing job putting this together, Ricky did an awesome job DJing and everyone who made it, thank you for making it so much fun!!!!

This being my first high school reunion i noticed there are two types of reunion-goers...the people that want to reminisce and the people that want to prove something....we'll call them the remies and the provers...brilliant right? i was a remy. i wanted to talk about Mr. Lally's class, i wanted to talk about the 4th grade play, i wanted to talk about the parties, the fights, the football games...i wanted to hear stories that i forgot about. i mean it's great that people are married, have great careers, have kids, found happiness, or are still figuring it out, but i wanted memories. i just hope i wasn't too cold to anyone...

 and then there were the provers...the classmates that came to brag, to flaunt thier stuff...i'm surprise business cards weren't passed around...however, i did brag...about my kickball championship! and i made sure to leave my business cards at did cross my mind. 

but i wanted to take a trip down memory lane, and with the slide show, the music and the awesomeness that is the Twinsburg/Chamberlin Class of was an awesome trip. too bad we didn't all have matching hats like D.C. trip. and all the spouses and pictures of kids, and talks about the past, present and future really got me thinking how old we're getting. i mean the next time i'll see some of those faces will be 2019...omg i just typed in 2019.

Here is my little Best/Worse of the reunion...

best part of the night: the group picture.
worst part of the night: saying goodbye.
best accessory of the night: the mom wallets.
worst accessory of the night: high heals.
best party foul: getting hit on by a bus-boy.
worst party foul: perry dropping his drink on my shoes during the electric slide. hehehehe.

To the people who said "the people i want to see i still keep in touch" you missed out on some awesome memories. and to everyone who just couldn't get home to see friends and family i hope you make it next time.

Twinsburg/Chamberlin Class of 1999


  1. OMG, I'm already having a mid-life crisis and now you tell me you graduated from high school the year AFTER I graduated from college?!?! Kill me now.

  2. so how many new FB friends did you get this morning?

  3. alexa – haha, i'm good with FB...i have to request one can request me! but i'm in the process of finding all 45+ classmates that showed up!

  4. That photo should be titled "Anyone Got a Black Dress?" Kudos to you for the cutest outfit of the night, and for NOT wearing black like the majority of us, lol. Great post...I'm totally there with you on the reunion! Hopefully I was a 'remy', too, hehe :o)