Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Giving Makes Me Smile

I have found that paradox, that if you until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love. 
– Mother Theresa


The most favorite part of the holidays, for me, is seeing everyone's eyes light up with joy and happyness when they see how awesome my gift giving abilities are.

i swear, my gifts totally rock.

last year my brother was on a Where the Wild Things Are kick, mainly cause the movie previews started coming i made him this...

Yes. It's the bottom of an old skate board that i painted by hand to look like the famous scene in the book.

So this year...instead of being super creative and i decided to do more shopping for people then making...

plus, working at South Park Mall for CLE Clothing Co. got me in the mood to shop. Among other things, but for another time.

Mainly my gifts were t-shirts from CLE, but i did come up with one amazing idea.

Build-A-Bear. For Grannie-Annie.

a quick background. there are four grandkids, me, my brother Mike and my two cousins, Kevin and Kristi. Grannie-Annie calls us the Get-Along-Gang cause we grew up together and actually, for the most part, got along.

and like any grandma, she spoiled us rotten. and she has a million pictures of us. she calls the pictures "her little people". "i miss my little people" she'll say over the phone. past gifts to Grannie-Annie have included: a blanket with all our names embordered on it, a 4-picture locket with all our pictures, picture trees, anything and everything that can hold any sort of picture of us. it makes her melt when she sees all 4 of us together...which, now only happens around the holidays. kick-ass cousin Kristi is the next Mother Theresa, true story. she would give up her college spring breaks to go down south and build houses, she raised money for habitat for humanity by biking (cycling) across America for 3 months...she is currently living in Mississippi partaking in her first year of Teach-For-America.

but back to my awesome gift giving skills. while walking through the mall to go to the CLE Holiday Shop, i walked by Build-A-Bear. and i knew i would have fun in that store playing dress-up with a stuffed animal. So i decided right then to get the Get-Along-Gang together and make bears for Grannie-Annie. it was really hard trying to schedule time when we could all get together...but the time finally came on Tuesday of Christmas week. Good thing the Mall was open till 11, cause it took us all about 45 minutes to make our bears, dress them and figure out how to get them birth certificates. We decided to make our bears to look like each of us. So then Grannie-Annie could have all her "little people" all the time and not just look at pictures...i mean who wants to cuddle with a picture frame.

we decided the best way to give these mini versions of ourselves to Grannie-Annie as the very last gift of the day.

she opened one bear house at a time and loved every single one to pieces. i'm pretty sure there were a few tears.

Grannie-Annie with her Get-Along-Gang and our respected versions of ourselves as bears.

it was really one of the greatest gifts we could've given her. she just beamed the rest of the day. and after all the commotion said "i can't wait to show my friend Bea what you guys did for me"


Grannie-Annie, it is our pleasure to make you so happy and proud of all of us. we love you higher than the sky.

so peeps. what did you get, give, enjoy this holiday season?

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