Friday, December 4, 2009

Here We Go Brownies!

They realized that as long as the ball got there on time, it didn't matter how it looked. 
– Bernie Kosar


Okay. So its a little late to be talking about the Browns. and i'll probably lose some readers, but something happened last night that made me a realize how special it is to be a Browns fan.

I mean what other city has a play who's sole purpose is to talk about the past awesomeness that is the Cleveland Browns. 

Last night Jon and I went to see Browns Rules at the Cleveland Public Theater.

i had a smile on my face for two hours. i never knew that thinking of the browns for 2 consecutive hours would ever put a smile on my face.

inside everyone's program was a piece of orange paper that said For the Browns to Win the Super Bowl you gotta: and you fill out what the rule is. 

3 lockers decked in Browns paraphernalia. the main actors, Nick, Eric and Nathan are obvious browns fans. the songs, the dances, and the slight scene changes take the audience on an amazing trip through Cleveland Browns history.

did you know that Otto Graham was our first quarterback?
did you know that in 1950 we went 10-2!!!
did you know that the browns backers is the biggest sports affiliation, in the world!?

They even include the audience. one side is on offense, one side is on defense and at one point Nick finds a lady to dance with. I got to be that lucky lady. (at intermission, i got asked if i was part of the show!)

There are only 4 more shows. i strongly recommend going. for any brown fan out there, its worth it. even if its to just remember the "good ole days".

oh, and at the end of the show they read out 29 of the rules. what was mine?
In order for the Browns to win the super bowl you gotta: Beer Bong in the Muni Lot.

have a great weekend kids.

Go Browns!

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  1. Awwww, I wish I would have gone with you to the reunion! I feel like I went to T-Burg more than Hudson! I miss you!!!!!