Friday, December 11, 2009

Popularity Contest

This was for them. I just wanted to let them know how much I appreciate them. It was a moment like this that you want to share with them. I hope the people in Cleveland enjoy this one because they deserve it.
– Phil Dawson
 (pointing to the Dawg Pound after the victory and spent a few moments honoring them)


In order for the Browns to win, i need to work a full day, wear my Cribbs jersey, drink christmas ale and miller lite and be at blind pig...i think i can handle that.

Last night my awesome friends and i were at blind pig. Alexa was able to grab some miller lite VIP passes from two strangers (thank you) that allowed us to drink miller lite and eat for times then, rough times now.

i'm not sure if i can talk about the upcoming competition between Alexa and Tripp...who's Tripp? oh, just my friend Hartzel who looks like this guy

Tripp Vanderbilt from Gossip Girl

but the fact that some stranger went up to Alexa last night at Blind Pig and asked if she was the Plum...sorry are gonna lose.

have a great weekend.

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