Thursday, November 18, 2010

Talk Sh*t, Get Hit.

If you can't play nice, play roller derby.
– unknown


Hello long lost cyber peeps!
A major change has happened in my life.

i've become a Burning River Roller Girl! i've been training and practicing since August 1st and it finally became official on Thursday November 4th!

**phew** that skills test was hard! (twss)

I do want to brag about being this tough chick on skates, but instead i'll brag about something else...

...other tough chicks on skates. This Saturday, at the Wolstein Center, the BRRG will be hosting the Black and Blue 5 Charity Bout, The Fur Brawl. Each year the girls pick an charity to sponsor, this year it's the Cleveland Animal Protective League!

5:30 PM – Cleveland Firestarters Jr. Roller Derby Scrimmage (Kittens vs. Puppies)
6:00 PMMain Event – 1st Period: Black Alley Cats vs. Blue Blood Hounds
6:30 PMHalftime: New Recruits (that's me!) battle in Full Contact Musical Chairs (on skates)
7:00 PMMain Event – 2nd Period: Black Alley Cats vs. Blue Blood Hounds 

our official After Parties (YES, two!) are at the Old Angle and Garage Bar in Ohio City!

you can buy tickets on line here or buy them at the door. Part the the ticket sales will go directly to the APL!!! 

Don’t forget to dig up a little extra “scratch” for the BRRG mother lode of raffle baskets, featuring Cleveland Brown’s tickets, BRRG 2011 Season Passes and much, much more! Raffle tickets are always three (3) for $5 or an arm span for $20. Contents and prize value will be announced at the bout.

i really hope you can make it...not just to support the furry critters of the APL but the totally rad chicks that make up the Burning River Roller Girls! and if you don't know what team to cheer for, just pick the Blue Blood Hounds! that's the team i'm representing!!!

see you Saturday!!!

Your Truely,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

miss me yet?

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.
– Lewis Carroll


besides being so busy at work, packing for my move to Ohio City and Roller Derby i've missed out on some good ol' hang-time with my loves.

i miss all my friends. AJP is at her new job, JV is in Tremont, Jess is getting ready for her wedding, Shibani even designed a new blog that i didn't even know happen till yesterday! and all my other friends (yes i have more than 4) i have no weekends have recently been sucked in to family events...which is fun, but, hello, i need to drink with my friends and find out what's going on with them! and facebook will only get me so much information.

what do i have planned this weekend...
Tonight: finish packing
Friday: move and date night
Saturday: clean old apt, rest for sunday
Sunday: Blood & Thunder Derby Boot Camp...all day
Monday: unpack, clean and enjoy new apt.

so to all my friends that miss me, i miss you just as much. but have no fear. i'll be planning an awesome house warming party. in the mean time please feel free to facebook stalk me.

have a great weekend.

Monday, August 23, 2010

how i met your mother

It's going to be legen... wait for it... dary!
– Barney


this post wont be as funny as the tv show, but two weekends ago Karate Jon and i drove 8 hours to Delaware...the state.

it was our first solo vacation...i wasn't nervous about meeting the mom, his sister, or some friends...i was nervous about the drive. 8 hours, next to each where to go. the last time i spent 8 hours in the car was with Alexa and AJP on our way to DC for the 1/2 marathon. it. was. scary. as. HELL! mainly cause Alexa wouldn't stop texting and twit-pic'ing. i'm pretty sure she wrote a blog while driving.

anyways. i was nervous for no reason. i know jon is a good driver. i slept some, drank some red bull, read and napped some more. i even drove through part of PA, or was it maryland?

we stayed at his brothers house while they were at a beach house for the weekend. it was great. the comfort of home without the stress of other schedule's.

Delaware is a pretty awesome state. i wasn't a fan of all the driving. it seemed like every place took 15-20 minutes to get to. which isn't bad, but i couldn't get my bearings for the life of me. it's very pretty and green and everyone is SO NICE.

we went to Spencer's Market. like a 1/2 breed West Side Market and a Flea Market and mix in some Amish Cooking. it was so fun. i bought some jewelry and pins for my bike bag...actually jon bought them...i had no cash.

his mom is adorable. she's this tiny little lady who has a lot of pep...she's an awesome cook...i wonder where he gets it...i only wish i could've spent more time with his TWIN sister. she had a hectic work schedule...

yeah. jon is a twin. maybe next year i can get her to come to twinsburg for some twins days action. all the Delaware friends i met were down right awesome. they should come to CLE and visit if they get the chance.

anyways. dinner, beach, shopping, eating, drinking and more driving. it was an awesome weekend and i hope to be invited back.

oh, and i think i need to start following the Fighting Blue Hens...i just need to find out what sport they play.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

getting arrested.

Seven out of 10 American's are one paycheck away from being homeless. 
– Pras Michel


so you need to hear about my awesome weekend in Delaware (the state)...but that's going to take a hot minute to write.

in the mean time i want to write about a quick experience AJP and i had yesterday while we were running 3.3 miles...i know cause i MappedMyRun. we started off we were on the Detroit/Superior bridge heading west. a cop car is driving east and does a U'y right in front of us.

then immediatly stops next to the homeless-looking man walking towards us.
now, i don't know if he was homeless. he was wearing a yellow flannel shirt and had a scruffy beard.

kinda like brad pitt here...minus brad pitt's stunning good looks and more creepy.

anyways the cops motion for us to stop so they can talk to him.
which made me a little nervous...was this guy gonna pull out a gun and start shooting and run away?

the cops asked for his ID then made him put his hands on the hood. Once they got the info they needed they seemed satisfied, apologized and let him go.

mistaken identity. not a problem.
but that means there is a homeless guy who kinda resembles a creepy brad pitt roaming the streets of CLE that the cops are after.

Friday, August 6, 2010

roller derby, cooking and moving

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon
– Doug Larson


ironically all three of these have something in common.
i will be doing all of them in the next month!

actually participating in derby has made me want to cook more. WHAT!?!
yes. i want to cook. however my current living arrangements really don't allow for a lot of cooking cause my kitchen is so small.

I decided to move. yep. i'll be an Ohio City resident starting in September.
with the move, comes a bigger kitchen...which i can't wait to practice plow stops in. and with that i thought...hmmm...if i'm in the kitchen i might as well cook.

so i'm gonna find a cute little apron, and A-Line dress/skirt and cook on skates. basically harnessing my inner Betty Draper. i think it will be good for me. maybe not so good for my cooking skills.

either way, Derby is all i thought it would be. the ladies rock, the practices are so helpful, my body hurts and i have an awesome boyfriend to rub me down.

yep life is good. for now.
i still have to pack, move and pass my skills test. oh, and learn how to cook.

in the mean time. i'm going to my first ever Krusty's tomorrow.

wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

public water parks.

We swim because we are too sexy for a sport that requires clothes.
– Author Unknown


back in the day i used to love the pool, Geauga Lake, Sea World, Cedar Point and Dover Lake. oh the memories.

i was on The Aurora Shores Sharks (yes, the ASS's) swim team for 10 years. well maybe only 9, the last year was spent skipping practice, giving the coaches a hard time, hiding under a pile of towels and trying to make sure my hair didn't turn green.

 about age 16 (ftr, i loved my Gilligan hat)

This one time at Dover Lake with my cousins and brother, we were around the ages of 12-15, we took a break to get some food at our picnic site and decided to get into a food fight. twinkies, ho-ho's, twizzler's, crackers, you name it, if it was in arms reach we were throwing it. including garbage. juice boxes, apple cores, empty cans of pop...shudder...cans of pop.

My loving and newly engages cousin Kevin...i could smack him. i'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt and honestly believe he didn't pick up an un-opened can of pop and hurl it in my direction, but i think he knew what he was doing. long story short (to late) the can of pop hit me right above my lip. right across the Philtral Column. i still have a scar. my mom wanted to take me to the hospital. me, being deathly afraid of needles didn't want to go. so we left. day=ruined.

but that's not what this post is about. its about public water. now that i'm getting older, wiser and more mature (ha) i tend to be grossed out with public water. i'm convinced that every time i swim at the local pool i get a sinus infection. people don't realize that they should rinse off before getting in the pool. i don't care how many chemicals you use...multiple people are basically showering in the pool, water slide, lazy river. and don't get me started on Hot Tubs. i'd rather spend my time at edge water swimming in Lake Erie drinking a beer. or a Aurora Lake floating at Boater's Beach...drinking a beer. or at Mohican floating on a tube...drinking a beer.

a co-worker in my area recently went to cedar point and said he got water up his he is coughing and sneezing. just the thought of that stewing public water going up his nose almost made me gag. Sinus infection, nice to meet you.

so, how do you spend your summers trying to stay cool?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fresh Meat August!!!

If you can't play nice, play roller derby.
– Anonymous


Sunday might have been the best day of summer yet.
it started off waking up at 8am...not hungover (cause i was lame and didn't go out for Steph's 30th birthday...sorry lady, hope you had a great time!) and i was able to take my time getting ready, eat breakfast, do a little stretching and hop in my car at 8:55.

i drove 15 minutes out to Euclid to Pla-More Roller Rink. i honestly thought it would take longer. but after getting there and realizing that it was Sunday morning at 9am...the only people on the road probably did the walk of shame to there car just a short time prior.

What was i doing at Pla-More Rink in Euclid?!? why, attending Fresh Meat August with the Burning River Roller Girls!

For the past 6 weeks i've been attending wRECk...which is the rec league for BRRG. i've been brushing up on my skating, learning to fall (small and correctly), playing fun games like Queen of the Ring and tag. and it all starts to pay off starting yesterday.

all 44 of us!

i officially met the BRRG Board and a bunch of other ladies that don't normally go to wRECk. and now my facebook friend request is going overboard! but i love it.

after Fresh Meat i booked it to my moms house in Aurora to go out on the boat. i waited for AJP and we hit the beach. had some beers and went wakeboarding on my neighbors awesome boat. then it was time to grab some diner. my mom made taco's. YUM.

the end of the night was awesome the BF and i watch some Mad Men, season one. (omg. i love this show!) and i surprised him with season two that a fellow Fresh Meat'er let me borrow. see derby is going to be awesome!

anyways. i'll keep you posted on my continually improving derby skills and mark your calendars right this second.

Saturday, November 20.

it's the Black and Blue Charity Bout at the Wolstein Center.
they divide up all 4 teams into two teams, Black and Blue. None of the Fresh Meat Girls will get to participate, however, at half time we do get to participate in Full Contact Musical Chairs!!!! Check out 2008 here.

hope to see you there.
oh, and i might be doing a poll to pick a derby name.
stay tuned...

**note: wRECk is not directly affiliated with BRRG. They are more like cousins vs sisters. wRECk was started by former BRRG members and people use it to train for BRRG but there is no formal affiliation.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shooter McGavin

Hey, if I saw myself in clothes like that, I'd have to kick my own ass.
– Happy Gilmore 


so friday was my 29th birthday. and i feel like i've been celebrating for 2 weeks...oh wait, i have been.

i would like to give you every last detail but it's to much. i would however like to thank all my friends and family who have helped celebrate!!! thanks for all the cards, gifts and drinks!!!!

on my actual birthday i decided to go golfing. i'm not good. i cheat when i golf. i can't help it. if i don't like my first drive i'll keep dropping balls until i get something worth playing. my biggest no-no: if i'm to close to a tree i'll throw it on the fairway. usually no more than 5 feet...unless i'm really in the woods.

anyways, me, jon, ajp, my dad and new friend Bodoni (actually Biondi) went to Little Met to play a round of golf.

not gonna lie. i was kinda disappointed. it was almost too much of a beginner course for me. i think i only threw my ball 3 times! so i'm either getting better or its to easy. they didn't have any working golf carts, however the hand cart came in handy and you're not allowed to bring adult beverages on the course. actually, maybe playing sober is why i did so well...hmmmm

on the plus side of Little Met, i did get to see a mama deer, two fawns, ground hog and a hawk.

i've only been on two other courses Sleepy Hollow and Brandywine. Sleepy Hollow was my first course ever and it was for a client. But i think my heart belongs to Brandywine. i love the front 9. the last hole is especially awesome. it over looks a pond and the club house. i've lost a ton of balls trying my hardest to land on the green. the last time i was there my brother almost hit a lexus in the parking lot and i just happened to hit the 1" thick electrical wire that drapes over the pond...go figure.

so now i have have the golf bug. i bought a set of clubs and bag at unique thrift for a total of $25. My 7 wood is originally like $150!!!

since i didn't plan a super long vacation this year i'm totally up for a round. i'm willing to try another course or just go to Brandywine.

don't worry. derby update is coming soon!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

the Y

Every Accomplishment starts with the decision to try.
– anonymous


Hello long lost readers.
i feel like i'm having these conversations with you more and more often.
but fear not. i think i'm finally going to be on a blogging schedule.

i love structure in my life.

most of you know that i'm a graphic designer. not to long ago i was promoted to Associate Art Director at Adcom Communications. Awesome, right!?!

well with that came a ton of responsibility...i'm a tough cookie and i welcomed the challenge. over the past few months i've been working on a super sweet project.

they have recently launched their new brand, website and facebook page. and i've had the honor of working on posters, ads, direct mails and numerous other pieces to the brand. including an awesome 4.5 day photo shoot right here in downtown Cleveland. (if you check out the website, you might see someone you know...ME!)

we decided to do 2 sessions, one in May and one in June. we worked closely with Keith Berr Productions. His studio is so awesome. Keith and Linda were completely organized. they fed us and made sure we had everything we needed.

we hired a lot of local talent and used some friends, family and co-workers that were willing to help out for a great cause.

The Y has kept me on my toes for quite some time and the future looks just as bright. i can't even to begin to state how thrilled i am to be working with some super sweet co-workers, clients and photographers. Hopefully as soon as we have final approval on some things i can show you more!

till then check out the new brand video that Uppercut has been busy working on!!

a BIG special thanks to all the people that made the photo shoots turn out awesome!
designer note: siegel+gale created the new brand

check back soon to hear about my adventures in The Burning River Roller Girls Roller Derby and Fresh Meat August!

oh, and if you didn't know...tomorrow is my birthday!
29 baby!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


As a child my family's menu consisted of two choices: take it or leave it.– Buddy Hackett


okay i know mothers day was like 10 years ago, but i've been busy. and while i hate talking about stuff that happened so long ago i felt this was post worthy.


cause i cooked.

i cooked my dearest mother, grandmother, adam and my brother dinner.


i got the recipe from my great friend/co-work Mr. LaPerna. i knew it was going to be good. i instructed my brother on what to buy and i was the chef for the after-noon. even though my mom insisted on make appetizers i was the chef.

it was called Sicilian Basil with Scallops on Angel Hair Pasta. it was good. however, i'm not a fan of Angel Hair so if i ever make this again i'll probably use linguine.

everyone loved it and i think i finally was able to give my mom and grandma left overs.

if you're interested you can get the recipe here.

so without further adieu...

check back tomorrow for a recap of memorial day weekend!

Friday, May 28, 2010

free bird.

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.

–Winston Churchill 


So Tuesday was the last High School commencement i'll attend for a long time.

it was kinda nice. i actually saw some of my old high school friends who were there for their families.

i know its a Commencement CEREMONY, but god, was it awful. my littlest sis, her last name starts with A, so she was seriously the 4th to cross the stage...but it wasn't even that. the speeches were meh. i mean one talked about picking out shoes and the Macarena.

i mean it was impressive, if you followed my tweets. there were like 363 in the graduating class. Class of '99 had like 230. and the top ten students had to have a minimum 4.375 GPA. and they had something like 4.7 million in scholarships and awards! crazy smart people are graduating from THS this year.

along with announcing the Top 10 students each one had to pick a VIP Teacher and that Teacher wrote a little something about them. Long, Boring, Meh.

the CEREMONY took a little over 2 hours. GRRR. and i was hungry and Olive Garden was calling my name.

anyways...i was really irritated with something i heard after the CEREMONY. a little background cause i'm sure all ceremonies are a little different. there are 4 guidance counselors and they have a certain section of the alphabet. so while they announce their group each kid walks down center stage and shakes hands with all the important people. they grab a blank diploma holder and exit the stage.

behind the scenes is where they actually give you your diploma. its the last line of defense that the faculty has to make sure each student behaves on stage. WELL...

this one girl gets announced and instead of shaking everyone's hand she curtsies for each one. it was really kind of adorable. and i thought it was timeless. i mean people curtsy for the queen and such. anyways, turns out they didn't let her get her diploma. i was mad. especially when the Superintendent son (or maybe nephew) hugged majority of the people. one student even went across stage and hugged the announcing counselor. did they get their diploma revoked? no.

i just wonder how students are suppose to feel empowered and proud of their accomplishment when they have something like not receiving your diploma hanging over your head.

and this brings me to my original point. why does it have to be a CEREMONY? its a celebration. even in this day and age some of those kids might be the first to graduate in their household. why do we, as the audience, have to wait till all 363 students are announced to clap? why can't they take an extra few seconds to let the family cheer? i would totally be happy if i had that to look forward to. it's 2010 Faculty, lets celebrate!

speaking of celebrating i would like to congratulate my VIP Twinsburg/Chamberlin Teacher...Mr. Smith. he retired yesterday. he was my "Graphics" teacher. i learned Photoshop, Silk Screening, Offset lithography and other things that really pushed me into my Graphic Design career. Mr. Smith, you rocked!

Oh, and Samantha. I'm so proud of you. Good luck next year at my Alma Mater, Kent State! You're going to be a great Honors Architect!!!!

how was everyone's last few weeks? have a great and safe memorial day weekend!

Friday, May 7, 2010

#ridingderby part 2

Oh My!
– George Takei


see i told you i was a bad blogger.
work has been crazy busy, then there was cinco de mayo and the blind pig run for the border race on wednesday...but i'm back and ready to finish telling you about my 3rd Kentucky Derby with AJP.

Derby Saturday
after waking up at around 10am the sky was a little overcast and AJP and i were definitely going to the derby. we had a few errands to going to target and getting matching rain boots, getting some pizza hut. at target and the obvious bank stop. we would've purchased poncho's but they were all out. in past years, my first cousin once removed, todd, would come with us and we wouldn't have to worry about driving or parking. but this year he was MIA and we didn't feel comfortable bugging his roommate. so i hoped on my trusty macbook pro to look up directions.

we decided to park in the UofL stadium lot and walk to Churchill...logic took hold...this will be a nice sober walk back. once we finally found parking around 1:30 we were lucky enough to park next to some derby tailgaters. i believe they were from Chicago or at least Illinois. they offered us some beer...we said yes and it was official Derby 136 had commenced!

the wind almost blew AJP's hat off numerous times. we made our way to the entrance around the 3rd turn and entered Churchill Downs shortly after 2pm. once we got into the infield we were on a mission to find a miller lite tent. found one and it just so happened to be close to where alexa was. Hooray for meeting up with cleveland friends. to bad there were no pics to prove of our out of town hook-up. then the plum and i were on a mission to get some mint juleps. i was a little disappointed when i realized they raised the price to $10!!!! oh well, it didn't stop me from buying/drinking/savoring each one.

a new mission commenced, find the bathroom and karate jon. we did both successfully. however finding bob and Rkelly = not so easy. it turns out they had the best seat in the house...well the best seat for $40. they were on turn 1 and 2...and it was a pretty sweet set up. you could actually see the horses!

after Super Saver won the Kentucky Derby we decided to head out and walk back to the car. (fun fact: i had to look up the winner of the race) we decided to meet Todd at his bar, Bearno's by the bridge. we ordered some drinks, food and got to watch the cavs win! we even got the other Clevelanders in the bar to chant "Cha-Lu-Pa!".

AJP and i knew we wanted to show bob and karate jon what 4th Street Live was all about. so we were getting ready to leave and guess who decides to show up....the cop that drove me and AJP to 4th street 2 years ago was waiting out front to take us again!

yup...we got a ride to 4th street in a cop car. i even touched the shotgun that hangs up in the back. rockin. after a few drinks there and some people watching we decided to call it a night around 1:30...which was lucky for us. by the time we got back to the house it started pouring down rain. and i HATE driving in the rain. we hung out outside and watched it lighting and i think we all passed out by 3.

no money was won, no fights broke out that we saw, no embarrassing falls in the mud. but it was still an awesome time!

let the pictures commence.

bob checking out AJP's caboose 

 Me and my dapper gent.

 the ride to bearno's
karate jon was a little tired.
yes, that's sun glare in the background

a special thanks to Todd and my family for making this such an awesome experience yet again! and to all the boys that bought us drinks and called us pretty. and to AJP for officially making the Derby a tradition for us!
can't wait for next year!

all i can ask is "who's driving?"

have a great weekend. hopefully i'll get back into some sort of writing habit.


Monday, May 3, 2010

#ridingderby part 1

If, after the first twenty minutes, you don't know who the sucker at the table is, it's you.– David Levien & Brian Koppelman, Rounders 


i'm a bad blogger.
i should be sent to my blogger room.
it's been way to long and i apologize.

but without further groveling i give you my awesome Derby weekend...
we had a fully booked weekend and took advantage of every moment...

Derby Thursday
the usual, oil change, packing, picking up AJP driving 6 hours, getting stuck in traffic cause there was a horrible semi accident we finally made it to Todds. Todd is my First Cousin Once Removed...seriously. i have 7 cousins on my dads side. Todd's mom Stephanie is my cousin. She has 4 rocking kids Timmy, Todd and Kristen are all around my age and then there is little Kate. who is going to be famous or on American Idol or something....anyways, Jen and i always stay at Todds...its tradition.

We unloaded the car, said our hello's and got ready to hit the town. Todd had a country concert to go to while Jen and i had a VIP event to attend. My cousin Chip is President, CCO of Bisig Impact Group. (fun fact: i interned there the summer of 04). His company is a co-sponsor of the Derby Poker Championship! This was the second year they've helped put on the event. it.was.awesome!

It was held at the Palace which is an old theater with awesome character. Since we were VIP we got open bar and free reign on the poker floor. the host of the evening was Phil Hellmuth. i didn't know who that was till Thursday. i honestly thought he was an old guy. but he's pretty least he was on the mic...i've heard stories as to what a d-bag he can be.
the night was awesome i meet some of Chips clients, got to rub elbows with famous people that i didn't know existed and we even made it to the after party on Fourth Street Live. Fourth Street Live is totally awesome...great for people watching and the southern gentle men will buy cute ladies drinks! but beware, it can also be full of d-bags.
Thursday Night = Success!!!

AJP, Phil Hellmuth & me!

Derby Friday
we couldn't have asked for better weather. we were out to the waterfront to hang out at the Fest-A-Ville. we were outside all day! drinking beer and enjoying live bands...and not just country music! they played some rock-n-roll!

after some bench side people watching we moved location to Joe's Crab Shack to have a beach party (fun fact: beach party is when everyone in your group is drinking a corona). After a full day of drinking we got ready for the 5th Annual Unstable Clown party that my Cousin, Stephanie, puts on every year. Unstable Clown has some history...quick overview: there is a famous Gala every Derby called the Barnstable Brown Gala. All the famous people who plan on going to Derby go to this party. Well my cousin lives on Speed Ave. Speed Ave is where all the limo's drive down to either turn around or drop off famous guest. yep. the limo's drive by this little niche of homes to get to this FABULOUS party. So to celebrate this once a year event she hosts the Unstable Clown Party. there are drinks, music, dancing and even a fog machine! it was a lot of fun, and family friendly. there was no swearing aloud. if you had to say, for example: "you f'ing idiot". you had to say "you cussing idiot". all swear words were replaced with the word cuss. pretty awesome. i can picture AJP using that.

there were no crazy disasters like last year, wear my "cousin in law" (is that real?) leaned up against the stove, turned it on and lite the back of his coat on fire. Little Kate was prancing around in her older sister (Kristen's) super cute heals. she even got me and AJP to do the do-si-do.

after our fashionably late arrival and hanging out with 5 of my 7 cousin Jen and i decided to say our good byes and make back to 4th street live. we didn't get lost, it just took us a long time to get there. we finally arrived and parked by the police station around 1:30. (fun fact: bars stay open till 6am Derby weekend).

we went to a couple bars meet up with Todd and his friends and danced. it was probably 4:15ish when we decided to call it a night. after our long walk back to my car terror struck. yes. terror in the form of a stolen/towed car. my car was missing. we even went into the station and tried to find out if it was stolen or towed. no luck. i cried. i even asked jen if it was okay if we took a few minutes on the curb for me to cry. i then needed to walk it off while we waited 45 min for a cab. then jen suggested walking one block over and there beneath a beacon of street light was my glorious car...with the passenger side window open about 2 inches. but nothing wrong with it. we jumped in, i wiped my tears from my face and we proceed to go home.
Friday Night = Success!!!

Derby Saturday...i'm going to copy the plum and post Saturday for you tomorrow....don't hate.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

...i'll cry if i want to

Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world.– anonymous


Happy Blog Birthday to me!

i can't believe that little miss butnoteveryday is 1 today!
it's been such a fun trip.
too bad i've been so busy lately. i have like three stories to share with you.
but they'll have to wait cause i want to party have to work!!!!

today it's suppose to be 80º! i rode my bike to work and if i don't have to work late i plan on watching some bike polo. or maybe doing the "wednesday night ride on thursday"!

i've meet some awesome people through this blog and plan on meeting a ton more. yes, even you!

but since i'm so busy i would like to take a few minutes to introduce you to the next big blog in cleveland!


take some time and check her out!

have a great weekend kids!
i'm looking forward to a pedi this weekend!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i'm practically famous...

You aren't famous until my mother has heard of you.
Jay Leno 


okay i'm a bad blogger.
i've been crazy busy. no lie.
i was promoted at work and i'm now working on a national campaign.
which equals longer hours. but i'm not complaining. i like it. i love it.
and i'll be completely thrilled when i see this national campaign finally revealed.

there has been so much i wanted to blog about.
• how the plum almost killed me and AJP on our way to DC. all her texting and driving...i'm surprised we made it.
• the awesome party that was St. Jesse's Day
• the bone thugs concert. (yes i'm a fan, but i will never go again.) i'm sick of listening to no name crappy "rappers". i paid to see Bone. Not no-name slick-dick.
• and then the Blatchel going away party. it was sad, but they're just going to Columbus. which i might swing by and say HI on my way down to Derby!
• Easter was fun. especially meeting some new additions to the family! yes, sally, i'm talking about you! you got a grandma hug and a lulu hug!

And i really need to talk about the april fools joke i played on my cousin, Kevin. but i have better news to share!

i love cleveland sports. i've said it a million times. i don't know stats and as soon as someone gets traded i tend to forget about them. except omar. i miss you omar. and i love twitter. i love how real time it is. and combine the two and i follow some sports bloggers, some other fans and yes even the players...

well yesterday i kinda felt like i rubbed elbows with some of the elite. i follow boobie gibson (however his account isn't certified) so it could be some fakey-mcfakerson, but i'm still excited about what happened. (ps. Kevin, if this is your payback, i don't care)

so i see...
@the_real_gib: we don know what coach gon do for rotation this wk but he told me be ready

so i tweet: i'm going to the cavs game tomorrow...could @the_real_shaq and @the_real_gib be back on the hardwood?!? 


@the_real_gib: @butnoteveryday i'm really not sure.. its possible but coach tryin to be cautious wit shaq n andy

omg. i was in heaven. i even blushed at my desk when my friend t-bone brought it to my attention!

so yes i'm going to the game tonight. and i may or may not make a sign that says "boobie you tweeted me yesterday!" ha. maybe not. but maybe.

hope you all have a great week. i'll try to get the april fools story up in a day or two...enjoy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

always inappropriate.

There's so much we can't express in our day-to-day interaction with people because it's considered inappropriate. And acting is all about being inappropriate.
– Wentworth Miller 


congratulations for surviving st. pat's 2010!

there were 3 people that i came across that almost didn't.
the couple that was humping and grinding to Irish Rock at Flannery's. groping and rubbing and hands in inappropriate places. i wanted to dump beer all over them and tell to to take a cold shower or get a room.

and the stupid drunk blonde that pinched my BF's butt at Teresa's. i kept my mouth shut at first cause i thought you guys new eachother (not that that makes it any more appropriate) but when you asked for me to slap you in the face, your lucky i only did one shot that day, cause girlfriend, lets face it. you're 110 frame would've broken in two if i would've gotten my hands on you.

yes. i have a mean streak.
just ask the random girl from OU during the 2006 MAC Tournament.

Trivia night was a blast. Congrats to team Poetry In Motion for finishing first and winning a $25 bar tab for next week!

i only took 3 pics of St. Patty's day.
but i'm only posting one...cause i know the Plum will get mad if i beat her to posting the most awesomest picture ever.

me and Shiba at Lincoln Park just like last year!

my most awesome sisters!
can't wait to drink with them legally!

well this weekend i'm off to DC with the plum, AJP and Jess! we run the 1/2 marathon on saturday! have a safe weekend!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

you can't do that on television...

OH NO! We're all out of powdered toast!
– Ren Hoek 


for those of you who don't friend @sarabot and i are hosting our first trivia night at Cranky's tomorrow night! it all came about a month or so ago when we were there for another trivia night and we signed up. we picked St. Paddy's Day Eve cause we figured people who are taking on Wednesday will want to start early and what better way than playing trivia!

we meet up at Taco Tuesday about a month ago to think of the 40 or so questions. we knew we wanted it to be based around the 90's.

our notes had stuff like Mariah Carey, Sparkle/Glitter, Motley Crew, David Bowie, Dinosaurs (the TV show) and the like. but some how we kept circling the idea of a total Nickelodeon based trivia night. and the four categories were born!

• Celebrities
• Cartoons
• Miscellaneous

The miscellaneous section isn't based off of Nickelodeon trivia...there were just some really fun questions that we HAD to include...

i mean what isn't to love about this video!?!

tomorrow night is going to be so much fun! i hope you can all make it. the prize's are pretty sweet! and there may or may not be some green slime jell-o shots...

i hope everyone has a great St. Patrick's day. i'll be out and about tremont, ohio city and downtown...totally looking forward to seeing Boy's From County Hell at Flannery's! You can get there whole St. Patty's day schedule here.

Friday, March 12, 2010

i can't wait for...

If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.
– Chinese Proverb 


if you know me i have zero patience. i need things to happen right away. (probably the biggest understatement of my life)

anyways...walking to work today i made a mental list of things i can't wait no particular order...

• the downtown flowers that hang on the lamp posts
• st. malachi race tomorrow (5 miles with 90% chance of rain)
• the tribe home opener
• the DC 1/2 marathon
• the DC 1/2 marathon road trip with The Plum and AJP
• st. patty's day
• Sara & Lara Host Trivia Night NICKELODEON Style @ cranky's on tuesday!
• Spring Co-ed football
• bike polo
• day light savings
• Kentucky Derby and the Unstable Clown Party
• Cavs playoffs
• Maggie's Chicago Bachelorette Party!

i think that's it for now...
have a great weekend everyone, and don't forget to come to Cranky's on St. Patty's Day Eve! Sara and i have some awesome gifts to give away!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the most awesomest thing...ever!

Screw you guys, i'm going home.
– Eric Cartman


so if you didn't know this past weekend i went to Colorado for the first time to visit my friend Marcie. She's lived in CO for 2+ years now and not one of her cleveland friends has come to me and AJP made plans to go.

it was awesome.

i can't even describe with words how awesome it was! so i'll give a brief (yeah right) outline with pictures...

We landed Thursday in Denver, i was sunny hazy and 50º. so we drove around the city (mainly cause Marcie couldn't find the bar we were going to) but it was fun getting to see such an awesome city. the weather was nice and all i wanted was my bike to ride around. the 3 of us order some food and drinks and meet up with Steph and played catch-up. the sun starts to set and we get cold from sitting outside and decide to head up to the house in Breckenridge...but first we made a stop at REI.

Oh. My. God.

it was like i died and gone to heaven. i thought the Dick's in Legacy Village was big. this place was huge!!!! they had everything, even their own VISA card that i almost signed up for so i could buy a new pair of ski's. but i didn't. i'm on a budget and i don't need/want more debt. but, AJP, on the other hand was all about a new snow board. i think we were at REI for almost 2 hours if not more and jen walked away with this bad boy...

its pretty bad ass. she better give it a bad ass name. it was then off to Breck. it normally is around a 2 hour drive, but because mother nature wanted to show us what snow in CO was like it took us closer to 2 hours 45 min. but it was great. marcie is such a good driver with her cute white suburu. The house we stayed in wasn't actually in was about 20 min away. We stayed at this awesome house in Fairplay. Fairplay is is also the home of South Park! yes. THE SOUTH PARK! there has got to be some sort of time warp continuum if you watch South Park in South Park, but i digress.

Saturday was my first time skiing out west. and when my friends say you'll never look at Holiday Valley or Peak N' Peek again...they're right. i'm in love with powder...fresh fallen pow. our first night there it ended up snowing 4inches. and then more throughout our day at Breck.

me at Breck, i think about to go off on my own for a little,
while the two Board Bunnies stay on Peak 9 

When we got to Breck and Marcie told me about the Imperial Bowl and i knew i had to accomplish that.

what's the Imperial you ask? take the lift up...but not to the top. its not allowed to go that high...but skiers and boarders think different...once you get to the top of Imperial, you can hike the rest of the way to get to the summit of Peak 8. Peak 8 is 12,998 feet high. but i'd guesstimate that you have to hike about 200 ski boots...carrying your ski's and poles...while inhaling high altitude air. NOT FUN.

The 3 ski/board bunnies on a booze break.

i was told about this on friday, but since i could barely see the top of Peak 8 and i didn't have anyone to venture up there, i decided to wait till sunday. hoping for better conditions and that Sam, Marcie's BF, would want to take me up there.

Friday evening was fun. we hung out in Breck for a little, watched the Cavs. i bragged about how Adcom was behind the Cavs Snuggie Night to some locals. they were they should be.

Saturday was just as awesome. we drove out to Leadville, CO which is about 1.5 hours west of Breck. there we got to witness Ski Jouring. which is an actual competition...see the video i took here. by the time we got back to the house i decided to cook some perogies for Me, Jen, Marcie and Sam. i figured i should feed him well if he's going to be my tour guide for the Imperial the next day. after dinner we played some Trivial Pursuit from the 90's...which me and Ronnie happened to win! then we played some Asshole and then off to bed.

Sunday was awesome. we got to Breck around 10. Marcie and Sam had some extra buddy passes and we got in for cheap again. we did a couple runs on Peak 7 and 8. then it was off to conquer the Imperial! its super tricky the way we went to get up there. we had to take the T-bar...which i failed at on the first try. but finally i got to the top of the Imperial Chair lift...the hike was miserable. Sam said that by the time i got to the top i'd be bent over gasping for air. he was wrong. i was laying flat on my back cussing up a storm. some southerners that were there thought i was a riot.

That faint orange line i drew in is to show the edge of the mountain.
it goes straight down. and its the only way down.

That's also the top of the lift so you can see how high we really had to hike.

That's me on my back, trying to regain energy to ski back down.

I think it took me about 10 minutes to ski about 1,000 feet. but it was awesome. the powder was sweet. and if i had had more energy and didn't feel like i was going to faint, i would've done it again in a heart beat. but i was pretty much done for the day. i wanted to go brag to jen and marcie about how awesome the experience was. and since it was sunny and 40º we meet up for food, beer and convo before one last run of the day.

being our last evening we booked it back to the house and grabbed our bathing suits and headed to Mount Princeton Hot Springs. yep. naturally hot water. it was awesome. i'd show you pictures but none of us brought our cameras and even if we had, none of us are bathing suit ready. pasty white girls sitting on rocks...not very flattering.

it was such an awesome weekend. i'm glad i got to spend it with some awesome people and make new friends. i know i didn't do my trip justice with this blog.

Marcie and Sam. it was awesome hanging out with you guys this weekend. you were both wonderful hosts and i can't wait for next year hopefully i'll have my new ski's and will get to look totally badass walking through the airport.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

single or double...?

do not be surprised when those who ignore the rules of grammar also ignore the law. After all, the law is just so much grammar.
– Rober Brault


so the other night i was talking with my friend T-Bone about reading blogs [he told me he enjoyed reading my blog ::blush::].

he's a lawyer and he likes proper sentence structure. capital letters at the beginning, proper punctuation, etc. which is funny because i hardly never do any of that. 

anyways, i was discussing my love of the ellipsis and how i use it all the time...mainly in this blog, status updates and IMs. he told me about how he likes using ellipsis with a fourth punctuation...a fourth punctuation?!? GASP! i needed an example stat. after a few minutes he came up with this...

"did you do it...?"

my mind immediately goes in the gutter. but i liked how IT implied a bunch of things. i'm even giggling right now thinking about IT. hehehe.

i explained how i liked ellipsis for the dramatic pause they're suppose to create. and how they separate thoughts visually.

T-Bone then had the nerve to say "kinda like two spaces at the end of a sentence." internally i felt my stomach hit the floor.

where on earth did he learn to put two space after sentences!!!! law school, of course.

now even though i went to college for the same amount of time as lawyers, i'm pretty sure my awesome Bachelor of Fine Arts degree taught me correctly by putting single spaces after punctuation. it's been engraved into my daily life. So much so that i automatically do a command+find on every project that comes across my desk. and the fact the my proof reader would kill me if she got a 20 page brochure with double spaces every where.

Why, why on earth put two spaces?

the reason he gave me is because lawyers want to make sure that every sentenced is read. and that the reader is able to understand what they're reading. which makes sense cause lawyers are complicated as it is.

but it got me thinking. how different each profession teaches people to do things. even standard things. another observation, measurements.

one of my most favorite teachers at Kent State, Lee Goskey, taught me in my freshman year that measurements always go Width x Height x Depth. (i think i also learned that in woods class in middle school)

no. matter. what.

I get really frustrated when i have to work on outdoor billboards and they decide its okay to go Height x Width...grrr...

are there things you do in your profession that aren't kosher with the rest of the public?

Friday, February 26, 2010

hook, line & sinker.

Fishing is the sport of drowning worms.
– Author Unknown


yesterday i felt like i was drowning. from tweets, emails and having to change passwords to all my accounts.

yep. yesterday i was phished.

it was quite embarrassing. especially since a co-worker was the first to tell me. it was a little scandalous. something about being a hot 24-year-old female and to contact "me" on a hotmail chat.

hello! i'm 28! get it right hackers!

so i rushed around twitter deleting my sent DMs and changing all my passwords. but considering i've been on the interwebz for like a bajillion years and this is the first time i've been hacked i think that's pretty impressive. and to know that the reason i got hacked was because of my own doing...not too bad either...sort of.

i was really pissed when it happened...i got a DM tweet from a reliable person whom i've meet IRL. when he DM'd me: haha. is this you??? (with a twitpic link) i thought it was legit.

i actually thought "oh no, he probably saw the outrageous Fluorescent February outfit i wore on Saturday" so i clicked on the link to confirm. and laugh at myself again.

hack accomplished. the link directed me to a blog. i was a little confused so i DM'd him saying the link didn't work. when he told me he had been hacked i knew it was only a matter of time...and it took about 5 hours for it to happen to me.

so i sincerely apologize to all the DMs you got. i think i've got it under control. otherwise enjoy chatting with Paris928Love on hotmail.