Tuesday, January 5, 2010

letters for the new year.

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. 
– Oprah Winfrey 


Dear 2010: i look forward to being 10 times as awesome as 2009 with 10 time more new friends, hobbies and parties!

Dear Low Fat Cream Cheese: you taste like cardboard, i'm going back to regular. 

Dear Downtown YMCA members: if you're using the treadmill to walk and your NOT using an incline, please get off so i can run my 5k. kthnxbai.

Dear Harry Potter 7: i can't wait to finish you. you complete me. 

Dear World Peace: Be somebody.

Dear New Sewing Machine: i know your still in the box, but i'm going to jo-anne's tonight to get supplies for you.

Dear LeBron James/Cavs: please please please bring a championship to Cleveland. i promise not to go to any more games, as you tend to lose in my presence.

Dear Bank Account: please stay full of monies as i have numerous trips to go on this year.

hope you all had a great, fabulous and safe new years!


  1. Dear polo mallet, let's spend some more time together this year. kthxbai.