Monday, February 1, 2010

Ay Bay Bay!

A Harvard Medical School study has determined that recal thermometers are still the best way to tell a baby's temperature. Plus, it really teaches the baby who's boss. 
– Tina Fey


I'm not a big fan of kids.
i mean, i'll entertain them for a little and they make me laugh, but they also make me cranky. especially if i don't know the baby. nothing annoys me more than being in a public place with a crying baby.

however, if i'm with you and your baby is crying, i'll probably laugh at you and then go buy an icee and keep myself entertained. i'm the type of person that could be the permanent aunt. i'll spoil them for a day, maybe two, then send them back home all sugared up and with some toys.

I've done my share of babysitting. which is a sure way to make you feel old. like, this past holiday season, i see kids i used to babysit drinking, driving, smoking and making dirty jokes...usually not all at once. OLD.

oh, and i used to babysit my step-sisters (when they were in diapers)...before there was ever a whisper that they would be apart of my future family tree. they're 18 and 19. OLD.

or, i've been at Adcom now for 5 years. i remember when some of my co-workers kids were 2, or not even born. OLD.

but nothing compares to when your friends have kids. and you get to watch them grow-up before your eyes. like my friend Ryan and his daughter Audrey...she's going to be 4. 4-years-old!!! i can't believe it. OLD.

and now, another close friend of mine just had a baby girl. Vacey Jane. Here she is in the blanket i got her.

i can't help but think she's making a poo in this picture

originally i wanted to get her some pink chucks. but i was forced to get something off the registry decided against it. i'll wait till she's 4, walking and causing all sorts of trouble.

yeah, fatty, she's going to be a trouble maker. i'll make sure of that.

So, welcome to the world Vacey. you have two great parents that might just be the coolest parents on the planet.

what are your thoughts on kids? have any? want any?

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  1. #1 I know she's going to be trouble, she is my kid afterall.

    #2 Sorry for bullying you into sticking to th registry. Vacey really likes her blanket though!

    #3 Don't feel too old, Keep in mind I am about 7 yrs older...

    #4 I think she was about to seeze actually