Monday, February 8, 2010

Harry Potter, Super Bowl & Underwear!

Indianapolis Colts you just lost the super bowl? what are you going to do now?...Go to Harry Potter World!
– Super Bowl Party People from last night.


Now i don't know everything about football. but i know enough.
i play on a co-ed rec team. we've never made it past the first round of playoffs, but with the saints winning last night, i have faith.
i'm sure every blog post today will somehow reference the super bowl. and i wont be any different. a lot of people i spoke to were cheering for the colts to win. i didn't have a preference till i read @MikeAmmo post yesterday on who he's cheering for.

Picking the Colts cause of Payton's commercial exposure is a solid reason, i suppose. but i did have an emotional attachment to this years super bowl. New Orleans really needed a win. having never been to the super bowl and dealing with hurricane Katrina...they were the underdog. and being a browns fan, i'm always drawn to the underdog.

With the start of the super bowl i feared i had chosen the wrong team. but after the saints pulled off that onside kick i knew they had a chance at bringing home a win.

the commercials, meh. the fact that there were a lot of men in underwear got me thinking. i know there was suppose to be a commercial advertising an "e-harmony" for same sex couples and that didn't air. so maybe there was some conspiracy that caused all the other commercials to show men in manties. (men+panties=manties).

but after all was said and done, payton blew it. its always the QBs fault. and i'm proud to post the first issue of Payton on the cover of Shambles Magazine.
So, if the saints can make it to, and win, the superbowl. i have faith that the Browns will be there before we know it.

oh, and a guy at the party i was at last night brought up a good point...if Baltimore would've kept the Colts the Browns would've never eventually left.
in bazaar-O world, the Browns would've been at super bowl XLIV. 

What did you all think of Super Bowl XLIV?


  1. i thought a lot of the commercials were also very women/relationship bashing.

  2. I'm with Alexa. However, the Google one was adorable.