Friday, February 26, 2010

hook, line & sinker.

Fishing is the sport of drowning worms.
– Author Unknown


yesterday i felt like i was drowning. from tweets, emails and having to change passwords to all my accounts.

yep. yesterday i was phished.

it was quite embarrassing. especially since a co-worker was the first to tell me. it was a little scandalous. something about being a hot 24-year-old female and to contact "me" on a hotmail chat.

hello! i'm 28! get it right hackers!

so i rushed around twitter deleting my sent DMs and changing all my passwords. but considering i've been on the interwebz for like a bajillion years and this is the first time i've been hacked i think that's pretty impressive. and to know that the reason i got hacked was because of my own doing...not too bad either...sort of.

i was really pissed when it happened...i got a DM tweet from a reliable person whom i've meet IRL. when he DM'd me: haha. is this you??? (with a twitpic link) i thought it was legit.

i actually thought "oh no, he probably saw the outrageous Fluorescent February outfit i wore on Saturday" so i clicked on the link to confirm. and laugh at myself again.

hack accomplished. the link directed me to a blog. i was a little confused so i DM'd him saying the link didn't work. when he told me he had been hacked i knew it was only a matter of time...and it took about 5 hours for it to happen to me.

so i sincerely apologize to all the DMs you got. i think i've got it under control. otherwise enjoy chatting with Paris928Love on hotmail.

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