Wednesday, February 17, 2010

my first...

Unbeknownst to most historians, Einstein started down the road of professional basketball before an ankle injury diverted him to science. 
– Gary Larson


...valentine's day
(haha, did my title trick you? just wait till april fools day)

okay, so this sunday wasn't my first valentine's day. but it was my first with jon, and my first since junior year of college...i think...

to sum it up.
jon cooked me an awesome meal.
• french onion soup
• salad (like my favorite from rockne's)
• portabella parmesan
• wine, lots of wine

(everything had cheese on it, i was even allowed to add more cheese to my soup!)

Monday, i took him to melt. we went to the museum of natural history. (i passed for a college student) then we played kickball.

jon sprained his ankle sliding into second base in like the 5th inning.
we ended up winning, but i had to take him to the hospital to get x-rays.
everythings fine...except the swollen ankle and the pain.

i then treated him to wendy's.

i think jon wins the valentine's day award.
oh, and his birthday week started yesterday.

feel better karate jon you're only 30 28 once


  1. that's very sweet lara. you're awesome.

  2. i am very hungry and reading this menu made me even more so. snap. first time visitor, looking around. i used to smoke too and my journey sounds quite similar except i took it far more seriously and smoked for 15 years or so. now i smoke the occasional stressed out cig and feel so sick and it stinks so much i wonder how i ever did it all the time.

  3. fellow clevelander as well - found you from the plum