Wednesday, February 24, 2010

one down, eight to go.

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.
– Eugene O'Neill 


some of you may or may not know that i adopted a kitty from the Cleveland APL.

you're probably asking, "what happened to Bagley?" well because my apt is so small and my moms house is so big she's decided to adopt him from me. oh, and the fact that he wouldn't get in my car to go home helped.

But anyways, i adopted mac from the APL in mid November as an early gift for me. he's awesome. he can play fetch. he's a purrer. and he's a guard cat. no lie.

he has recently taken an interest to all things water. my water glass at night, the sink, the toilet even the bath tub.

the other night i went to take a shower and i notice my drain was clogged. gross i know. but i couldn't shower, i hate standing water. it was too late to get drain-o from anywhere so i planed on getting it super early in the AM the next day.

i plop myself on my couch and watch some tv. i played a few rounds of fetch with mac and i notice he wasn't interested anymore. as i'm watching a House re-run i hear some strange noise.

like scurrying. as if mac got stuck on tile and couldn't run away fast enough. that's almost what happened.

i run into the bathroom just in time to see mac leap out of the tub soaking wet. he didn't realize that the drain was clogged and the tub had standing water in it.

he looked horrified.
i think he just lost one of his 9 lives.
what do you think?

 little mac with his soaking tail and feet.
you can even see his soggy foot prints in the carpet.

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  1. that's really funny.

    try using a plunger on your drain instead of draino. it works most of the time.