Tuesday, February 23, 2010

rise on, verizon.

The telephone is a good way to talk to people without having to offer them a drink. 
– Fran Lebowitz 


i'm a fan of verizon. i have been since i got my first cell phone in 2002. i was no longer living under my parents roof (not even for holiday breaks!)

so i could spend my money where i wanted = cell phone, booze and fast food.

anyways, i've been really loyal to verizon. even when at&t got the iPhone, i held back thinking that one day verizon will get it. and it'll be super sweet.

my contract was up last march, but i waited to re-up my contract in hopes that Apple would finally see the awesome-sauce that is verizon. alas, nothing happened. i went to a verizon store along with my mom and grandma (since they're on MY family plan) in june to see what our choices were. but we all left the verizon store empty handed as we didn't see any phones we liked.

then the unthinkable happens. i drop my perfectly good Blue Chocolate Slide phone in a large cup of beer at the Browns/Bears game at Soldier Field. i was sad. but i was mostly drunk and it didn't click that i had just submerged my phone in a tasty beverage.

When i got back, i got the LG Versa. i love it. i love it like people love their blackberrys. its a touch screen. its easy to use. i love it.

so when i noticed the screen was all F-ed up at the Snoop Dogg concert i cried. yes i shed a few tears because my beloved phone was broke, i didn't get insurance on it and i didn't feel like spending $300 on a new phone. i'm a sissy.

so friday i went to the verizon store expecting to drop some moneys. but when i told them what happened which was basically "i don't know what happened" they looked up my information, checked the back, called a few stores and finally said "you'll have a new one shipped to you by tuesday"

wha wha what???

that was all i had to do. i was skeptical about the delivery date, quality of the phone, etc. but when i got home yesterday there sitting in my doorway was a fedex box with my name on it.

i updated my phone this morning with Michelle from Verizon and she was super helpful. since i can't get insurance on a refurbished phone she said i still have the original 1-year warranty on it from my previous phone. they even gave me a fedex mailing label to send my old phone back!

so verizion, please hurry and get the iPhone. but in the mean time, i'm a customer for life!

can you hear me now? who is your cell phone carrier? what do you like dislike about your phone?

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