Wednesday, February 10, 2010

smoking in the girls 'room.

A nonsmoker is forced to find food, but for a smoker breakfast can be a cigarette and a cup of bad coffee.– Brock Fiant


a fun fact you might not know about me: i used to smoke from 1997-2002.

yep. i'm a former smoker...and proud of it. funny, though, starting and quitting sort of revolved around two former boyfriends.

actually the first time i tried smoking i was in 7th grade at a friends house. my parents were both closet smokers and i would steel my moms salem lights from under the drivers side floor mat.

my friend and i would sit up in her bed room hanging out her window smoking...or trying too...i was never good at inhaling and decided smoking was too hard.

fast forward to junior year of highschool. my boyfriend and all my friends were smokers...i was on the track team, staring the girls soccer team, running cross country and i wont even talk about my basketball career. but as i realize i wasn't breaking the HS record for girls 100M hurdles, wasn't getting scouted for college and i obviously wasn't going to the olympics (yes, at one point i dreamt i would run in the olympics). i decided to cave into peer pressure and pick up smoking. my boyfriend was already buying all my friends cigs, so why not me. i remember i would give him $2 and he could keep the change for a pack of marlboro lights. i was cool, driving around in my '89 red jeep wrangler with a cig in my hand.

fast forward to college. i decided to quit (for a little) when i got my wisdom teeth pulled. the dentist said something about dry socket and how smoking can cause bad things to happen beside the usual. so i quit...for about a month...stress of college and breaking up with my boyfriend lead me to smoking i had declared a major. Graphic Design. all the art students would sit out and smoke in-between and during class. and lets not forget about the professors and T.A.'s who would smoke and actually have a normal conversation with you. another way to be cool.

a year or two passed and i started dating this guy. he was all in to running. wanted to qualify for the boston marathon. he would go to the rec and run forever on the track. so i started going to the rec and working out more and more. and i realized i wanted to smoke less and less. then one of my best friends and i decided to quit for lent. it was fun and crazy. she was in withdrawal the next morning. it didn't hit me till the following day. it was nuts. but we kept telling each other the first few days are the hardest. and before you knew it 40 days had passed and we made it.

since then i've maybe had a total of one pack of smokes. usually just a hit and i'm instantly reminded of how horrible it was. cleveland did an amazing thing and band smoking from bars. now i can wear the same jeans two days in a row without smelling like bar! (yea for saving money on laundry!)

but the point of this post wasn't to tell you about my smoking history, but rather to complain about public smoking. last night i was at the cavs game. i was in the club section. i had to go pee. i walk in the girls bathroom and i'm bombarded with cig smoke. some lady was too lazy to walk out side to smoke. i was so irritated. i almost went and complained, but the culprit was gone and the only thing left was her horrible stench. really?! stupid smokers. go outside.

do you smoke? have you snuck a cig in a bathroom or public place? do you want to get lung cancer?

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