Thursday, March 18, 2010

always inappropriate.

There's so much we can't express in our day-to-day interaction with people because it's considered inappropriate. And acting is all about being inappropriate.
– Wentworth Miller 


congratulations for surviving st. pat's 2010!

there were 3 people that i came across that almost didn't.
the couple that was humping and grinding to Irish Rock at Flannery's. groping and rubbing and hands in inappropriate places. i wanted to dump beer all over them and tell to to take a cold shower or get a room.

and the stupid drunk blonde that pinched my BF's butt at Teresa's. i kept my mouth shut at first cause i thought you guys new eachother (not that that makes it any more appropriate) but when you asked for me to slap you in the face, your lucky i only did one shot that day, cause girlfriend, lets face it. you're 110 frame would've broken in two if i would've gotten my hands on you.

yes. i have a mean streak.
just ask the random girl from OU during the 2006 MAC Tournament.

Trivia night was a blast. Congrats to team Poetry In Motion for finishing first and winning a $25 bar tab for next week!

i only took 3 pics of St. Patty's day.
but i'm only posting one...cause i know the Plum will get mad if i beat her to posting the most awesomest picture ever.

me and Shiba at Lincoln Park just like last year!

my most awesome sisters!
can't wait to drink with them legally!

well this weekend i'm off to DC with the plum, AJP and Jess! we run the 1/2 marathon on saturday! have a safe weekend!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

you can't do that on television...

OH NO! We're all out of powdered toast!
– Ren Hoek 


for those of you who don't friend @sarabot and i are hosting our first trivia night at Cranky's tomorrow night! it all came about a month or so ago when we were there for another trivia night and we signed up. we picked St. Paddy's Day Eve cause we figured people who are taking on Wednesday will want to start early and what better way than playing trivia!

we meet up at Taco Tuesday about a month ago to think of the 40 or so questions. we knew we wanted it to be based around the 90's.

our notes had stuff like Mariah Carey, Sparkle/Glitter, Motley Crew, David Bowie, Dinosaurs (the TV show) and the like. but some how we kept circling the idea of a total Nickelodeon based trivia night. and the four categories were born!

• Celebrities
• Cartoons
• Miscellaneous

The miscellaneous section isn't based off of Nickelodeon trivia...there were just some really fun questions that we HAD to include...

i mean what isn't to love about this video!?!

tomorrow night is going to be so much fun! i hope you can all make it. the prize's are pretty sweet! and there may or may not be some green slime jell-o shots...

i hope everyone has a great St. Patrick's day. i'll be out and about tremont, ohio city and downtown...totally looking forward to seeing Boy's From County Hell at Flannery's! You can get there whole St. Patty's day schedule here.

Friday, March 12, 2010

i can't wait for...

If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.
– Chinese Proverb 


if you know me i have zero patience. i need things to happen right away. (probably the biggest understatement of my life)

anyways...walking to work today i made a mental list of things i can't wait no particular order...

• the downtown flowers that hang on the lamp posts
• st. malachi race tomorrow (5 miles with 90% chance of rain)
• the tribe home opener
• the DC 1/2 marathon
• the DC 1/2 marathon road trip with The Plum and AJP
• st. patty's day
• Sara & Lara Host Trivia Night NICKELODEON Style @ cranky's on tuesday!
• Spring Co-ed football
• bike polo
• day light savings
• Kentucky Derby and the Unstable Clown Party
• Cavs playoffs
• Maggie's Chicago Bachelorette Party!

i think that's it for now...
have a great weekend everyone, and don't forget to come to Cranky's on St. Patty's Day Eve! Sara and i have some awesome gifts to give away!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the most awesomest thing...ever!

Screw you guys, i'm going home.
– Eric Cartman


so if you didn't know this past weekend i went to Colorado for the first time to visit my friend Marcie. She's lived in CO for 2+ years now and not one of her cleveland friends has come to me and AJP made plans to go.

it was awesome.

i can't even describe with words how awesome it was! so i'll give a brief (yeah right) outline with pictures...

We landed Thursday in Denver, i was sunny hazy and 50º. so we drove around the city (mainly cause Marcie couldn't find the bar we were going to) but it was fun getting to see such an awesome city. the weather was nice and all i wanted was my bike to ride around. the 3 of us order some food and drinks and meet up with Steph and played catch-up. the sun starts to set and we get cold from sitting outside and decide to head up to the house in Breckenridge...but first we made a stop at REI.

Oh. My. God.

it was like i died and gone to heaven. i thought the Dick's in Legacy Village was big. this place was huge!!!! they had everything, even their own VISA card that i almost signed up for so i could buy a new pair of ski's. but i didn't. i'm on a budget and i don't need/want more debt. but, AJP, on the other hand was all about a new snow board. i think we were at REI for almost 2 hours if not more and jen walked away with this bad boy...

its pretty bad ass. she better give it a bad ass name. it was then off to Breck. it normally is around a 2 hour drive, but because mother nature wanted to show us what snow in CO was like it took us closer to 2 hours 45 min. but it was great. marcie is such a good driver with her cute white suburu. The house we stayed in wasn't actually in was about 20 min away. We stayed at this awesome house in Fairplay. Fairplay is is also the home of South Park! yes. THE SOUTH PARK! there has got to be some sort of time warp continuum if you watch South Park in South Park, but i digress.

Saturday was my first time skiing out west. and when my friends say you'll never look at Holiday Valley or Peak N' Peek again...they're right. i'm in love with powder...fresh fallen pow. our first night there it ended up snowing 4inches. and then more throughout our day at Breck.

me at Breck, i think about to go off on my own for a little,
while the two Board Bunnies stay on Peak 9 

When we got to Breck and Marcie told me about the Imperial Bowl and i knew i had to accomplish that.

what's the Imperial you ask? take the lift up...but not to the top. its not allowed to go that high...but skiers and boarders think different...once you get to the top of Imperial, you can hike the rest of the way to get to the summit of Peak 8. Peak 8 is 12,998 feet high. but i'd guesstimate that you have to hike about 200 ski boots...carrying your ski's and poles...while inhaling high altitude air. NOT FUN.

The 3 ski/board bunnies on a booze break.

i was told about this on friday, but since i could barely see the top of Peak 8 and i didn't have anyone to venture up there, i decided to wait till sunday. hoping for better conditions and that Sam, Marcie's BF, would want to take me up there.

Friday evening was fun. we hung out in Breck for a little, watched the Cavs. i bragged about how Adcom was behind the Cavs Snuggie Night to some locals. they were they should be.

Saturday was just as awesome. we drove out to Leadville, CO which is about 1.5 hours west of Breck. there we got to witness Ski Jouring. which is an actual competition...see the video i took here. by the time we got back to the house i decided to cook some perogies for Me, Jen, Marcie and Sam. i figured i should feed him well if he's going to be my tour guide for the Imperial the next day. after dinner we played some Trivial Pursuit from the 90's...which me and Ronnie happened to win! then we played some Asshole and then off to bed.

Sunday was awesome. we got to Breck around 10. Marcie and Sam had some extra buddy passes and we got in for cheap again. we did a couple runs on Peak 7 and 8. then it was off to conquer the Imperial! its super tricky the way we went to get up there. we had to take the T-bar...which i failed at on the first try. but finally i got to the top of the Imperial Chair lift...the hike was miserable. Sam said that by the time i got to the top i'd be bent over gasping for air. he was wrong. i was laying flat on my back cussing up a storm. some southerners that were there thought i was a riot.

That faint orange line i drew in is to show the edge of the mountain.
it goes straight down. and its the only way down.

That's also the top of the lift so you can see how high we really had to hike.

That's me on my back, trying to regain energy to ski back down.

I think it took me about 10 minutes to ski about 1,000 feet. but it was awesome. the powder was sweet. and if i had had more energy and didn't feel like i was going to faint, i would've done it again in a heart beat. but i was pretty much done for the day. i wanted to go brag to jen and marcie about how awesome the experience was. and since it was sunny and 40º we meet up for food, beer and convo before one last run of the day.

being our last evening we booked it back to the house and grabbed our bathing suits and headed to Mount Princeton Hot Springs. yep. naturally hot water. it was awesome. i'd show you pictures but none of us brought our cameras and even if we had, none of us are bathing suit ready. pasty white girls sitting on rocks...not very flattering.

it was such an awesome weekend. i'm glad i got to spend it with some awesome people and make new friends. i know i didn't do my trip justice with this blog.

Marcie and Sam. it was awesome hanging out with you guys this weekend. you were both wonderful hosts and i can't wait for next year hopefully i'll have my new ski's and will get to look totally badass walking through the airport.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

single or double...?

do not be surprised when those who ignore the rules of grammar also ignore the law. After all, the law is just so much grammar.
– Rober Brault


so the other night i was talking with my friend T-Bone about reading blogs [he told me he enjoyed reading my blog ::blush::].

he's a lawyer and he likes proper sentence structure. capital letters at the beginning, proper punctuation, etc. which is funny because i hardly never do any of that. 

anyways, i was discussing my love of the ellipsis and how i use it all the time...mainly in this blog, status updates and IMs. he told me about how he likes using ellipsis with a fourth punctuation...a fourth punctuation?!? GASP! i needed an example stat. after a few minutes he came up with this...

"did you do it...?"

my mind immediately goes in the gutter. but i liked how IT implied a bunch of things. i'm even giggling right now thinking about IT. hehehe.

i explained how i liked ellipsis for the dramatic pause they're suppose to create. and how they separate thoughts visually.

T-Bone then had the nerve to say "kinda like two spaces at the end of a sentence." internally i felt my stomach hit the floor.

where on earth did he learn to put two space after sentences!!!! law school, of course.

now even though i went to college for the same amount of time as lawyers, i'm pretty sure my awesome Bachelor of Fine Arts degree taught me correctly by putting single spaces after punctuation. it's been engraved into my daily life. So much so that i automatically do a command+find on every project that comes across my desk. and the fact the my proof reader would kill me if she got a 20 page brochure with double spaces every where.

Why, why on earth put two spaces?

the reason he gave me is because lawyers want to make sure that every sentenced is read. and that the reader is able to understand what they're reading. which makes sense cause lawyers are complicated as it is.

but it got me thinking. how different each profession teaches people to do things. even standard things. another observation, measurements.

one of my most favorite teachers at Kent State, Lee Goskey, taught me in my freshman year that measurements always go Width x Height x Depth. (i think i also learned that in woods class in middle school)

no. matter. what.

I get really frustrated when i have to work on outdoor billboards and they decide its okay to go Height x Width...grrr...

are there things you do in your profession that aren't kosher with the rest of the public?