Thursday, March 18, 2010

always inappropriate.

There's so much we can't express in our day-to-day interaction with people because it's considered inappropriate. And acting is all about being inappropriate.
– Wentworth Miller 


congratulations for surviving st. pat's 2010!

there were 3 people that i came across that almost didn't.
the couple that was humping and grinding to Irish Rock at Flannery's. groping and rubbing and hands in inappropriate places. i wanted to dump beer all over them and tell to to take a cold shower or get a room.

and the stupid drunk blonde that pinched my BF's butt at Teresa's. i kept my mouth shut at first cause i thought you guys new eachother (not that that makes it any more appropriate) but when you asked for me to slap you in the face, your lucky i only did one shot that day, cause girlfriend, lets face it. you're 110 frame would've broken in two if i would've gotten my hands on you.

yes. i have a mean streak.
just ask the random girl from OU during the 2006 MAC Tournament.

Trivia night was a blast. Congrats to team Poetry In Motion for finishing first and winning a $25 bar tab for next week!

i only took 3 pics of St. Patty's day.
but i'm only posting one...cause i know the Plum will get mad if i beat her to posting the most awesomest picture ever.

me and Shiba at Lincoln Park just like last year!

my most awesome sisters!
can't wait to drink with them legally!

well this weekend i'm off to DC with the plum, AJP and Jess! we run the 1/2 marathon on saturday! have a safe weekend!!!!

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  1. I'd beat some beeotches down too if they pinched my bf's ass. I commend you for being so patient and non-confrontational! Props to you!