Tuesday, March 2, 2010

single or double...?

do not be surprised when those who ignore the rules of grammar also ignore the law. After all, the law is just so much grammar.
– Rober Brault


so the other night i was talking with my friend T-Bone about reading blogs [he told me he enjoyed reading my blog ::blush::].

he's a lawyer and he likes proper sentence structure. capital letters at the beginning, proper punctuation, etc. which is funny because i hardly never do any of that. 

anyways, i was discussing my love of the ellipsis and how i use it all the time...mainly in this blog, status updates and IMs. he told me about how he likes using ellipsis with a fourth punctuation...a fourth punctuation?!? GASP! i needed an example stat. after a few minutes he came up with this...

"did you do it...?"

my mind immediately goes in the gutter. but i liked how IT implied a bunch of things. i'm even giggling right now thinking about IT. hehehe.

i explained how i liked ellipsis for the dramatic pause they're suppose to create. and how they separate thoughts visually.

T-Bone then had the nerve to say "kinda like two spaces at the end of a sentence." internally i felt my stomach hit the floor.

where on earth did he learn to put two space after sentences!!!! law school, of course.

now even though i went to college for the same amount of time as lawyers, i'm pretty sure my awesome Bachelor of Fine Arts degree taught me correctly by putting single spaces after punctuation. it's been engraved into my daily life. So much so that i automatically do a command+find on every project that comes across my desk. and the fact the my proof reader would kill me if she got a 20 page brochure with double spaces every where.

Why, why on earth put two spaces?

the reason he gave me is because lawyers want to make sure that every sentenced is read. and that the reader is able to understand what they're reading. which makes sense cause lawyers are complicated as it is.

but it got me thinking. how different each profession teaches people to do things. even standard things. another observation, measurements.

one of my most favorite teachers at Kent State, Lee Goskey, taught me in my freshman year that measurements always go Width x Height x Depth. (i think i also learned that in woods class in middle school)

no. matter. what.

I get really frustrated when i have to work on outdoor billboards and they decide its okay to go Height x Width...grrr...

are there things you do in your profession that aren't kosher with the rest of the public?


  1. The Media calendar starts on Mondays and ends on Sundays - so I always say the "week of March 8th" whenever everyone else considers it the week of March 7th. Then I stab them.

  2. Lara, I have always used two spaces at the end of sentences. I learned that in grade school!

  3. I learned two spaces in typing; however when laying out text (graphic design, desktop publishing, etc.) being spatially frugal is sometimes more sensible than being grammatically correct; therefore I abandoned the 2-space post-period protocol. I have also become a fan of the semi-colon to avoid capitalization.

  4. That T-Bone is one fine fellow. In additional to semi-proper sentence structure, rumor has it he can do many, many, many things quite well . . . !

    PS - this was one of my favorite blogs of all time!

    PSS - . . . like playing connect four!

  5. I also enjoy your blog and read it often... but not every day--

  6. I've been taught to use a double space between sentences my entire life! Even at Baldwin-Wallace for my little BA in Broadcasting! Although, I have to admit...I LOVE using the ellipsis when writing my blog as well. I also don't know if I'm all that consistent with my double spacing between sentences anymore. Whooooopsies!