Monday, March 15, 2010

you can't do that on television...

OH NO! We're all out of powdered toast!
– Ren Hoek 


for those of you who don't friend @sarabot and i are hosting our first trivia night at Cranky's tomorrow night! it all came about a month or so ago when we were there for another trivia night and we signed up. we picked St. Paddy's Day Eve cause we figured people who are taking on Wednesday will want to start early and what better way than playing trivia!

we meet up at Taco Tuesday about a month ago to think of the 40 or so questions. we knew we wanted it to be based around the 90's.

our notes had stuff like Mariah Carey, Sparkle/Glitter, Motley Crew, David Bowie, Dinosaurs (the TV show) and the like. but some how we kept circling the idea of a total Nickelodeon based trivia night. and the four categories were born!

• Celebrities
• Cartoons
• Miscellaneous

The miscellaneous section isn't based off of Nickelodeon trivia...there were just some really fun questions that we HAD to include...

i mean what isn't to love about this video!?!

tomorrow night is going to be so much fun! i hope you can all make it. the prize's are pretty sweet! and there may or may not be some green slime jell-o shots...

i hope everyone has a great St. Patrick's day. i'll be out and about tremont, ohio city and downtown...totally looking forward to seeing Boy's From County Hell at Flannery's! You can get there whole St. Patty's day schedule here.

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