Thursday, April 15, 2010

...i'll cry if i want to

Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world.– anonymous


Happy Blog Birthday to me!

i can't believe that little miss butnoteveryday is 1 today!
it's been such a fun trip.
too bad i've been so busy lately. i have like three stories to share with you.
but they'll have to wait cause i want to party have to work!!!!

today it's suppose to be 80ยบ! i rode my bike to work and if i don't have to work late i plan on watching some bike polo. or maybe doing the "wednesday night ride on thursday"!

i've meet some awesome people through this blog and plan on meeting a ton more. yes, even you!

but since i'm so busy i would like to take a few minutes to introduce you to the next big blog in cleveland!


take some time and check her out!

have a great weekend kids!
i'm looking forward to a pedi this weekend!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i'm practically famous...

You aren't famous until my mother has heard of you.
Jay Leno 


okay i'm a bad blogger.
i've been crazy busy. no lie.
i was promoted at work and i'm now working on a national campaign.
which equals longer hours. but i'm not complaining. i like it. i love it.
and i'll be completely thrilled when i see this national campaign finally revealed.

there has been so much i wanted to blog about.
• how the plum almost killed me and AJP on our way to DC. all her texting and driving...i'm surprised we made it.
• the awesome party that was St. Jesse's Day
• the bone thugs concert. (yes i'm a fan, but i will never go again.) i'm sick of listening to no name crappy "rappers". i paid to see Bone. Not no-name slick-dick.
• and then the Blatchel going away party. it was sad, but they're just going to Columbus. which i might swing by and say HI on my way down to Derby!
• Easter was fun. especially meeting some new additions to the family! yes, sally, i'm talking about you! you got a grandma hug and a lulu hug!

And i really need to talk about the april fools joke i played on my cousin, Kevin. but i have better news to share!

i love cleveland sports. i've said it a million times. i don't know stats and as soon as someone gets traded i tend to forget about them. except omar. i miss you omar. and i love twitter. i love how real time it is. and combine the two and i follow some sports bloggers, some other fans and yes even the players...

well yesterday i kinda felt like i rubbed elbows with some of the elite. i follow boobie gibson (however his account isn't certified) so it could be some fakey-mcfakerson, but i'm still excited about what happened. (ps. Kevin, if this is your payback, i don't care)

so i see...
@the_real_gib: we don know what coach gon do for rotation this wk but he told me be ready

so i tweet: i'm going to the cavs game tomorrow...could @the_real_shaq and @the_real_gib be back on the hardwood?!? 


@the_real_gib: @butnoteveryday i'm really not sure.. its possible but coach tryin to be cautious wit shaq n andy

omg. i was in heaven. i even blushed at my desk when my friend t-bone brought it to my attention!

so yes i'm going to the game tonight. and i may or may not make a sign that says "boobie you tweeted me yesterday!" ha. maybe not. but maybe.

hope you all have a great week. i'll try to get the april fools story up in a day or two...enjoy!