Monday, May 3, 2010

#ridingderby part 1

If, after the first twenty minutes, you don't know who the sucker at the table is, it's you.– David Levien & Brian Koppelman, Rounders 


i'm a bad blogger.
i should be sent to my blogger room.
it's been way to long and i apologize.

but without further groveling i give you my awesome Derby weekend...
we had a fully booked weekend and took advantage of every moment...

Derby Thursday
the usual, oil change, packing, picking up AJP driving 6 hours, getting stuck in traffic cause there was a horrible semi accident we finally made it to Todds. Todd is my First Cousin Once Removed...seriously. i have 7 cousins on my dads side. Todd's mom Stephanie is my cousin. She has 4 rocking kids Timmy, Todd and Kristen are all around my age and then there is little Kate. who is going to be famous or on American Idol or something....anyways, Jen and i always stay at Todds...its tradition.

We unloaded the car, said our hello's and got ready to hit the town. Todd had a country concert to go to while Jen and i had a VIP event to attend. My cousin Chip is President, CCO of Bisig Impact Group. (fun fact: i interned there the summer of 04). His company is a co-sponsor of the Derby Poker Championship! This was the second year they've helped put on the event. it.was.awesome!

It was held at the Palace which is an old theater with awesome character. Since we were VIP we got open bar and free reign on the poker floor. the host of the evening was Phil Hellmuth. i didn't know who that was till Thursday. i honestly thought he was an old guy. but he's pretty least he was on the mic...i've heard stories as to what a d-bag he can be.
the night was awesome i meet some of Chips clients, got to rub elbows with famous people that i didn't know existed and we even made it to the after party on Fourth Street Live. Fourth Street Live is totally awesome...great for people watching and the southern gentle men will buy cute ladies drinks! but beware, it can also be full of d-bags.
Thursday Night = Success!!!

AJP, Phil Hellmuth & me!

Derby Friday
we couldn't have asked for better weather. we were out to the waterfront to hang out at the Fest-A-Ville. we were outside all day! drinking beer and enjoying live bands...and not just country music! they played some rock-n-roll!

after some bench side people watching we moved location to Joe's Crab Shack to have a beach party (fun fact: beach party is when everyone in your group is drinking a corona). After a full day of drinking we got ready for the 5th Annual Unstable Clown party that my Cousin, Stephanie, puts on every year. Unstable Clown has some history...quick overview: there is a famous Gala every Derby called the Barnstable Brown Gala. All the famous people who plan on going to Derby go to this party. Well my cousin lives on Speed Ave. Speed Ave is where all the limo's drive down to either turn around or drop off famous guest. yep. the limo's drive by this little niche of homes to get to this FABULOUS party. So to celebrate this once a year event she hosts the Unstable Clown Party. there are drinks, music, dancing and even a fog machine! it was a lot of fun, and family friendly. there was no swearing aloud. if you had to say, for example: "you f'ing idiot". you had to say "you cussing idiot". all swear words were replaced with the word cuss. pretty awesome. i can picture AJP using that.

there were no crazy disasters like last year, wear my "cousin in law" (is that real?) leaned up against the stove, turned it on and lite the back of his coat on fire. Little Kate was prancing around in her older sister (Kristen's) super cute heals. she even got me and AJP to do the do-si-do.

after our fashionably late arrival and hanging out with 5 of my 7 cousin Jen and i decided to say our good byes and make back to 4th street live. we didn't get lost, it just took us a long time to get there. we finally arrived and parked by the police station around 1:30. (fun fact: bars stay open till 6am Derby weekend).

we went to a couple bars meet up with Todd and his friends and danced. it was probably 4:15ish when we decided to call it a night. after our long walk back to my car terror struck. yes. terror in the form of a stolen/towed car. my car was missing. we even went into the station and tried to find out if it was stolen or towed. no luck. i cried. i even asked jen if it was okay if we took a few minutes on the curb for me to cry. i then needed to walk it off while we waited 45 min for a cab. then jen suggested walking one block over and there beneath a beacon of street light was my glorious car...with the passenger side window open about 2 inches. but nothing wrong with it. we jumped in, i wiped my tears from my face and we proceed to go home.
Friday Night = Success!!!

Derby Saturday...i'm going to copy the plum and post Saturday for you tomorrow....don't hate.

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