Friday, May 7, 2010

#ridingderby part 2

Oh My!
– George Takei


see i told you i was a bad blogger.
work has been crazy busy, then there was cinco de mayo and the blind pig run for the border race on wednesday...but i'm back and ready to finish telling you about my 3rd Kentucky Derby with AJP.

Derby Saturday
after waking up at around 10am the sky was a little overcast and AJP and i were definitely going to the derby. we had a few errands to going to target and getting matching rain boots, getting some pizza hut. at target and the obvious bank stop. we would've purchased poncho's but they were all out. in past years, my first cousin once removed, todd, would come with us and we wouldn't have to worry about driving or parking. but this year he was MIA and we didn't feel comfortable bugging his roommate. so i hoped on my trusty macbook pro to look up directions.

we decided to park in the UofL stadium lot and walk to Churchill...logic took hold...this will be a nice sober walk back. once we finally found parking around 1:30 we were lucky enough to park next to some derby tailgaters. i believe they were from Chicago or at least Illinois. they offered us some beer...we said yes and it was official Derby 136 had commenced!

the wind almost blew AJP's hat off numerous times. we made our way to the entrance around the 3rd turn and entered Churchill Downs shortly after 2pm. once we got into the infield we were on a mission to find a miller lite tent. found one and it just so happened to be close to where alexa was. Hooray for meeting up with cleveland friends. to bad there were no pics to prove of our out of town hook-up. then the plum and i were on a mission to get some mint juleps. i was a little disappointed when i realized they raised the price to $10!!!! oh well, it didn't stop me from buying/drinking/savoring each one.

a new mission commenced, find the bathroom and karate jon. we did both successfully. however finding bob and Rkelly = not so easy. it turns out they had the best seat in the house...well the best seat for $40. they were on turn 1 and 2...and it was a pretty sweet set up. you could actually see the horses!

after Super Saver won the Kentucky Derby we decided to head out and walk back to the car. (fun fact: i had to look up the winner of the race) we decided to meet Todd at his bar, Bearno's by the bridge. we ordered some drinks, food and got to watch the cavs win! we even got the other Clevelanders in the bar to chant "Cha-Lu-Pa!".

AJP and i knew we wanted to show bob and karate jon what 4th Street Live was all about. so we were getting ready to leave and guess who decides to show up....the cop that drove me and AJP to 4th street 2 years ago was waiting out front to take us again!

yup...we got a ride to 4th street in a cop car. i even touched the shotgun that hangs up in the back. rockin. after a few drinks there and some people watching we decided to call it a night around 1:30...which was lucky for us. by the time we got back to the house it started pouring down rain. and i HATE driving in the rain. we hung out outside and watched it lighting and i think we all passed out by 3.

no money was won, no fights broke out that we saw, no embarrassing falls in the mud. but it was still an awesome time!

let the pictures commence.

bob checking out AJP's caboose 

 Me and my dapper gent.

 the ride to bearno's
karate jon was a little tired.
yes, that's sun glare in the background

a special thanks to Todd and my family for making this such an awesome experience yet again! and to all the boys that bought us drinks and called us pretty. and to AJP for officially making the Derby a tradition for us!
can't wait for next year!

all i can ask is "who's driving?"

have a great weekend. hopefully i'll get back into some sort of writing habit.


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