Thursday, July 15, 2010

the Y

Every Accomplishment starts with the decision to try.
– anonymous


Hello long lost readers.
i feel like i'm having these conversations with you more and more often.
but fear not. i think i'm finally going to be on a blogging schedule.

i love structure in my life.

most of you know that i'm a graphic designer. not to long ago i was promoted to Associate Art Director at Adcom Communications. Awesome, right!?!

well with that came a ton of responsibility...i'm a tough cookie and i welcomed the challenge. over the past few months i've been working on a super sweet project.

they have recently launched their new brand, website and facebook page. and i've had the honor of working on posters, ads, direct mails and numerous other pieces to the brand. including an awesome 4.5 day photo shoot right here in downtown Cleveland. (if you check out the website, you might see someone you know...ME!)

we decided to do 2 sessions, one in May and one in June. we worked closely with Keith Berr Productions. His studio is so awesome. Keith and Linda were completely organized. they fed us and made sure we had everything we needed.

we hired a lot of local talent and used some friends, family and co-workers that were willing to help out for a great cause.

The Y has kept me on my toes for quite some time and the future looks just as bright. i can't even to begin to state how thrilled i am to be working with some super sweet co-workers, clients and photographers. Hopefully as soon as we have final approval on some things i can show you more!

till then check out the new brand video that Uppercut has been busy working on!!

a BIG special thanks to all the people that made the photo shoots turn out awesome!
designer note: siegel+gale created the new brand

check back soon to hear about my adventures in The Burning River Roller Girls Roller Derby and Fresh Meat August!

oh, and if you didn't know...tomorrow is my birthday!
29 baby!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Lara!
    Can't wait to skate with you in August.

    -Hidden Ajennda