Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fresh Meat August!!!

If you can't play nice, play roller derby.
– Anonymous


Sunday might have been the best day of summer yet.
it started off waking up at 8am...not hungover (cause i was lame and didn't go out for Steph's 30th birthday...sorry lady, hope you had a great time!) and i was able to take my time getting ready, eat breakfast, do a little stretching and hop in my car at 8:55.

i drove 15 minutes out to Euclid to Pla-More Roller Rink. i honestly thought it would take longer. but after getting there and realizing that it was Sunday morning at 9am...the only people on the road probably did the walk of shame to there car just a short time prior.

What was i doing at Pla-More Rink in Euclid?!? why, attending Fresh Meat August with the Burning River Roller Girls!

For the past 6 weeks i've been attending wRECk...which is the rec league for BRRG. i've been brushing up on my skating, learning to fall (small and correctly), playing fun games like Queen of the Ring and tag. and it all starts to pay off starting yesterday.

all 44 of us!

i officially met the BRRG Board and a bunch of other ladies that don't normally go to wRECk. and now my facebook friend request is going overboard! but i love it.

after Fresh Meat i booked it to my moms house in Aurora to go out on the boat. i waited for AJP and we hit the beach. had some beers and went wakeboarding on my neighbors awesome boat. then it was time to grab some diner. my mom made taco's. YUM.

the end of the night was awesome the BF and i watch some Mad Men, season one. (omg. i love this show!) and i surprised him with season two that a fellow Fresh Meat'er let me borrow. see derby is going to be awesome!

anyways. i'll keep you posted on my continually improving derby skills and mark your calendars right this second.

Saturday, November 20.

it's the Black and Blue Charity Bout at the Wolstein Center.
they divide up all 4 teams into two teams, Black and Blue. None of the Fresh Meat Girls will get to participate, however, at half time we do get to participate in Full Contact Musical Chairs!!!! Check out 2008 here.

hope to see you there.
oh, and i might be doing a poll to pick a derby name.
stay tuned...

**note: wRECk is not directly affiliated with BRRG. They are more like cousins vs sisters. wRECk was started by former BRRG members and people use it to train for BRRG but there is no formal affiliation.

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  1. O.M.G. So, full contact is like, no rules roller derby?! Holy hell, this *almost* scares me. I best start working on my pushing skills? LOL