Wednesday, August 18, 2010

getting arrested.

Seven out of 10 American's are one paycheck away from being homeless. 
– Pras Michel


so you need to hear about my awesome weekend in Delaware (the state)...but that's going to take a hot minute to write.

in the mean time i want to write about a quick experience AJP and i had yesterday while we were running 3.3 miles...i know cause i MappedMyRun. we started off we were on the Detroit/Superior bridge heading west. a cop car is driving east and does a U'y right in front of us.

then immediatly stops next to the homeless-looking man walking towards us.
now, i don't know if he was homeless. he was wearing a yellow flannel shirt and had a scruffy beard.

kinda like brad pitt here...minus brad pitt's stunning good looks and more creepy.

anyways the cops motion for us to stop so they can talk to him.
which made me a little nervous...was this guy gonna pull out a gun and start shooting and run away?

the cops asked for his ID then made him put his hands on the hood. Once they got the info they needed they seemed satisfied, apologized and let him go.

mistaken identity. not a problem.
but that means there is a homeless guy who kinda resembles a creepy brad pitt roaming the streets of CLE that the cops are after.

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