Monday, August 23, 2010

how i met your mother

It's going to be legen... wait for it... dary!
– Barney


this post wont be as funny as the tv show, but two weekends ago Karate Jon and i drove 8 hours to Delaware...the state.

it was our first solo vacation...i wasn't nervous about meeting the mom, his sister, or some friends...i was nervous about the drive. 8 hours, next to each where to go. the last time i spent 8 hours in the car was with Alexa and AJP on our way to DC for the 1/2 marathon. it. was. scary. as. HELL! mainly cause Alexa wouldn't stop texting and twit-pic'ing. i'm pretty sure she wrote a blog while driving.

anyways. i was nervous for no reason. i know jon is a good driver. i slept some, drank some red bull, read and napped some more. i even drove through part of PA, or was it maryland?

we stayed at his brothers house while they were at a beach house for the weekend. it was great. the comfort of home without the stress of other schedule's.

Delaware is a pretty awesome state. i wasn't a fan of all the driving. it seemed like every place took 15-20 minutes to get to. which isn't bad, but i couldn't get my bearings for the life of me. it's very pretty and green and everyone is SO NICE.

we went to Spencer's Market. like a 1/2 breed West Side Market and a Flea Market and mix in some Amish Cooking. it was so fun. i bought some jewelry and pins for my bike bag...actually jon bought them...i had no cash.

his mom is adorable. she's this tiny little lady who has a lot of pep...she's an awesome cook...i wonder where he gets it...i only wish i could've spent more time with his TWIN sister. she had a hectic work schedule...

yeah. jon is a twin. maybe next year i can get her to come to twinsburg for some twins days action. all the Delaware friends i met were down right awesome. they should come to CLE and visit if they get the chance.

anyways. dinner, beach, shopping, eating, drinking and more driving. it was an awesome weekend and i hope to be invited back.

oh, and i think i need to start following the Fighting Blue Hens...i just need to find out what sport they play.


  1. oh my gawd lara you are SO dramatic.

    yeah, it must have been really scary as you slept the whole way home from DC.

    terrifying indeed.

  2. fighting blue hens sounds like an awesome team!
    I can't sleep in cars. Mostly cus my wife is the one who drives and she likes me to read to her like her own personal book on tape.